Zim appeals for $86m food aid

via Zim appeals for $86m food aid – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 12, 2015

ZIMBABWE has appealed for $86 million to mitigate food insecurity after Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Food and Nutrition Security, recently pleaded for support from United Nations agencies.


In a statement last Friday, UN resident co-ordinator Bishow Parajuli said the $86 million will be urgently needed to support 1,5 million people affected by food insecurity caused by prolonged dry spells in most parts of the country.

“The United Nations in Zimbabwe appealed today to humanitarian and development partners for $86 million to urgently fill a shortfall to support 1,5 million people affected by food insecurity in the country,” Parajuli said.

“The appeal was made during a high-level consultative meeting of senior representatives of the government, UN agencies and development partners in the capital. The request follows a recent call made by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, as chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Food and Nutrition Security, to partners for support.”
The UN agencies participating in the response to the food insecurity are Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations Children’s Fund, World Food Programme, and World Health Organisation.

“The food security response plan, developed through a consultative process, requests for $132 million with $46 million so far pledged leaving a shortfall of $86 million to support 1,5 million people affected by food insecurity in 52 districts.”

The other $43 million was said to have been pledged by USAID and the Department for International Development.

Parajuli called on other humanitarian and development partners to join hands in responding to the funding gap.

The response plan, which covers various sectors has a gap of $41 million in food assistance,
$32 million in agriculture and livelihoods, $5 million in nutrition, $5 million in protection and social safety nets; and $3 million in water, sanitation and hygiene to assist the most vulnerable populations in the country.

Meanwhile, Matabeleland South MDC chairman, Pilate Ndebele yesterday appealed to well-wishers to urgently provide supplementary feeding to Grade Seven pupils from food insecure families especially in Matabeleland region.

Ndebele said the food shortages in the region could cause poor results and pupils lose concentration due to hunger.
“Starvation is wreaking havoc here in Matabeleland South and I wonder how the Grade Sevens who are writing their examinations will cope in this situation,” Ndebele said.


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    exZim 7 years ago

    Out comes the well used begging bowl from the crooks who pillage the people they are representing. Seriously, how can these fools sleep at night knowing what pigs they are ? Do their wives, children, friends not hang their heads in shame to be associated to such deceitful useless men ? Mnangagws, take a drive through the slums of Avondale and Mabelreign and tell them who you are ! You will be spat on and laughed at. Even God has given up on Zimbabwe methinks

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    The food security problem has been created 100% by the ZPF government and its crazy policies. How much longer can the world just keep bailing out this country without doing something about these thieves and murderers. It makes me shake with anger to see the begging bowl out again, when this country is quite capable of feeding itself and large parts of Africa

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    Read Dambisa Moyo’s book Dead Aid, and take special note of the part where it explains how AID props up dictators.

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    Why can’t the government BUY the AID by selling land they got for free –back to the white farmers // PROBLEM SOLVED// NO “THEY WANT THE CAKE AND WANT TO EAT IT” AS WELL // GO –GO NOW //