Zim headed for chaos: Biti

via Zim headed for chaos: Biti – DailyNews Live 28 September 2015

HARARE – Former Finance minister and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti has warned that Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession battles could plunge the country into civil unrest which could lead to an illegal government.

Biti told the Daily News in an interview at the weekend that the vicious fights between the ruling party factions angling to have their preferred candidate succeed President Robert Mugabe had reached dangerous levels, amid indications that they were set to worsen unless pro-democracy groups agitated for a transitional government stabilise the situation.

“As long as Mugabe is alive, those factions will be able to hide behind him as the sole unifying element. But once he is gone, which could be anytime, disaster looms because these factions — as was demonstrated during the war against Joice Mujuru — are not capable of dialogue and they use violence and de-legitimation as an instrument of political arbitration,” Biti warned.

“What happens the day after (Mugabe is gone)? So our submission is that to avert an implosion, to avert civil war here, to avert a military coup here, as a matter of urgency, now or when the president is gone, we need a National Transitional Authority,  which is an inclusive construction or an inclusive government,” he added.

Biti’s ominous warning comes as the Zanu PF war to succeed Mugabe has intensified in recent weeks, almost moving at the same alarming pace as the country’s imploding economy.

Mugabe’s increasingly influential wife, Grace, touted in some circles within the strife-torn Zanu PF as one of the many potential future presidents, is said to be harbouring ambitions of succeeding her frail husband, although she publicly denied this.

But Biti, who has worked with both Mugabe and Mnangagwa during his time in the inclusive government, sees imminent danger for Zimbabwe, unless there is a let-up in the fights within the ruling party, which have continued, almost 10 months after the brutal purges of Mujuru and her key allies.

“I think that there is an itch in Zanu PF. There is an itch which needs scratching. There are various individuals, various factions and various characters that are dying to be on each other’s throat; not for the purposes of national development, not for the purposes of national reconstruction but for the purposes of power and power alone,” he told the Daily News.


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    And I ask YOU– Why have YOU not joined with MDC T– FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. And I ask the same question of MDC T– ARE you both waiting for ZANU PF to give you positions in the NEW Government(@the trough with no danger)

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    Jono Austin 6 years ago

    ‘not for the purposes of national reconstruction but for the purposes of power and power alone…’-so how is that any different to the last 35 years?

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    Hatina 6 years ago

    Biti….no brainaaa…..nxaaaa. This man was my MDC-T’s next president after Morgan, but he jumped the gun…!! If only he had waited….or should ve bn a lil patient!

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      Chamunorwa 6 years ago

      Ehhh Zanu-PF rigayi economy tiwone mayi Riga election muchiti muri kuendesa???? Nhasi magetsi anodzimira Zanu ne MDCs nyika ne industry zvichifa imi muripo no solutions, no leadership, no credible opposition no freedom, no electricity, no everything not even knowledge but you want to lead corruption, violence, starvation, oppression, impunity and distrust ion of properties, lives and national esteems!!!!!!! Nyarayi mhani, ibvayi apa.

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    Chamunorwa 6 years ago

    We will wait for the day to come because coming it will. Maybe that’s the only solution Zimbabwe understands for all other options have been tried and not failed but we’re made to fail in the name of political expidency. Now is the time of reckoning we have to wait for it to happen for it should have happened dacades ago but politics stopped it again and again but not now. Hamuna kungwara ma ZANU-PF. Gadzirayi tione.

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    Tinomunamataishe 6 years ago

    Biti always talks about the NTA because he knows that’s the only way he could enter into national politics.

    I think there is no need for the NTA that he proposes. The best solution would be to have free and fair credible elections so that the right people can be elected into office.

    I do not like people going through the back door of another GNU or NTA whatever name is used.