Zim producing useless graduates, VP

via Zim producing useless graduates, VP – New Zimbabwe 2910/2015

VICE President Emerson Mnangagwa has said the country’s universities are producing the wrong type of graduates for the struggling economy which, he reckons, needs production managers as opposed to administrators.

Mnangagwa said universities should be reduced to polytechnics and vocational training centres which offer practical skills that are applicable to “our” industries.

He was officiating at the launch of the Zimbabwe National Competitiveness Report (ZNCR) by the National Economic Consultative Forum in Harare Thursday.

The ZNCR is the country’s first socio-economic development assessment which highlights possible opportunities the country can utilise for economic recovery.

“I have observed that our universities are churning out grandaunts with administrative and management skills in an economy where we need practical skills at the production level,” said Mnangagwa.

“We therefore need to have a paradigm shift by aligning our educational curriculum with industrial skills hinge on the powerful skill of research and development.

“This is a process which becomes a crucial factor in the survival and development of our economy.”

Mnangagwa said although the country has skilled man power, they are not doing enough to turn around the country’s economy.

“Indeed, while it is an irrefutable fact that our human resources are highly skilled, it is now time to look at their productivity,” said the vice President.


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    Joe Cool 7 years ago

    Confusing education with ‘skill’, as always.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    tonyme 7 years ago

    As much as the VP may want to have a restructure of training focus, nothing will be accomplished as long as the same polices stay in place. Policies on manufacturing and open for competitive production. Indigenization which favor ZANU members
    must go. A lot of factories a closed. Even if the universities were to train producers, where will they work when companies a closed? The VP needs to rethink the focus of all these problems.

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    Zvakwana 7 years ago

    Grace got hers in two weeks.

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    mr VP 7 years ago

    i have a few questions for theVP. How does the VP explain the productivity of the same graduates outside Zimbabwe?The problem is not in our graduates, its with the systems we have under which we are working. A systems approach is needed when solving such issues. Zimbabwes manpower can easily be managed by setting goals and targets and firing upon failure. How do we deal with corruption, embezzlement of funds, overpaid topp brass, etc. All This can be solved by politicians. What we have is useless politicians who have insuchable hunger for ammassing wealth and cutting each other’s legs so that they become taller, highly uncivilised.We live likeanimals in a jungle.

    Politicians should put their shackin order

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    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    Wouldn’t it be a great if Zimbabwe had a skilled workforce in the agricultural sector. Wait a moment, oh yes, they had just that and threw it all away.
    Ask that sociology or shonalanguage graduate to help out maybe?