Zim vendor shot dead in SA

via Zim vendor shot dead in SA – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 1, 2015

Cape TOWN – A Zimbabwean street vendor was killed in the crossfire between security guards and robbers at the Gugulethu Mall in South Africa last Friday.

Farai Fambira (39) made a living selling DVDs, CDs and padlocks at the entrance of the mall, to support his wife and three children who live in Zimbabwe.

Fambira had just set up his stall when a group of five robbers attempted to rob a cash-in-transit vehicle.

Witnesses said Fambira hid behind a dairy truck when the shooting started.

“We all fell to the ground as soon as we heard the gunshots. Rasta (Fambira) hid behind that truck because it was closest to his stall.”

Witnesses say that the security guards may have mistaken Fambira for a robber. “We kept shouting that he wasn’t one of the robbers, but the security guards just wouldn’t stop shooting.

“There were many shots, the two guards were standing over Rasta and one was even kicking him,” said street vendor Phumeza Mangaliso.

Police spokesman Andrè Traut confirmed the incident and said one of the robbers was injured and was in police custody.

“Five armed suspects opened fire on two security officers who were transporting cash, and in the crossfire a male bystander was fatally wounded. One of the suspects was wounded and subsequently arrested and is being treated ,” said Traut.

He said the security guards escaped unharmed and no cash was stolen.

“The remaining four suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested. The matter is still under investigation.”

Togara Mabharani, Fambira’s relative said he was woken by people who were at the scene when his cousin was killed.

“According to the witnesses they tried to shout and inform the security guards that he was not one of the robbers, but they went ahead and shot him anyway.
“He was not a criminal, he just sold his things to feed his family,” says Mabharani. — IOL