Zimbabwe ain’t China, says Moyo

via Zimbabwe ain’t China, says Moyo – New Zimbabwe 18/08/2015

“ZIMBABWE ain’t China!,” Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo said Tuesday in comments thought to have been directed  at Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies in the ruling Zanu PF party.

Mnangagwa’s allies are convinced he is President Robert Mugabe’s chosen successor following his promotion to be the country’s effective number two after the dismissal of then long-term rival Joice Mujuru.

The vice president has lately been talking up the need to address the country’s economic crisis and recently made a high profile visit to China which the Zanu PF-led government hopes will finance the hoped-for recovery.

Following Mnangagwa’s visit, Beijing has since seconded to Harare five experts from the Development and Reform Commission of China.

The commission is credited with overseeing China’s remarkable transformation into a global economic superpower under Deng Xiaoping who is considered the architect of the new ideology which combined the Communist Party’s socialist ideology with pragmatic adoption of market economy practices.

After his visit, an impressed Mnangagwa declared that Zimbabwe was ready to adopt China’s policies, hence the seconding of the five experts to “help with crafting bankable projects and general economic reforms”.

Hold it right there, Moyo said on Twitter Tuesday.

“Successionists claiming Zimbabwe is undergoing a Deng Xiaoping Moment are too ambitious and misguided.

“Zimbabwe ain’t China!” Moyo said.

Moyo is thought to have reservations about the prospect of a Mnangagwa presidency after Mugabe.

While still information minister, Moyo insisted in interviews with the State media as well as the BBC that, as vice president, Mnangagwa was not the “anointed successor” but merely one of Mugabe’s two assistants.

He later explained that his comments did not mean Mnangagwa cannot take over but merely that Mugabe has not chosen him as his successor.

Mugabe’s wife Grace also appeared to warn Mnangagwa while addressing a recent rally in Binga.

“Being acting president when Mugabe is away does not make you heir-apparent,” Grace said.

She also poured cold water on Mnangagwa’s aptitude for the job.

“There are some who have been canvassing for grassroots support since 2013. They are telling people that they will take over from President Mugabe.

“Do not lie to us about your capabilities, we know them, we know you all and what you are capable of,” she said.


  • comment-avatar
    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    ‘”Do no lie about your capabilities ……., we know them…..” I like Dr. Gire’s performance appraisal, except that she fails to admit that the whole lot is incompetent. If a CEO surrounds himself with an inept team, what does that say about him?

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 7 years ago

    Moyo are you dim or what. Of cause we are not Chinese just like we are not Europeans. Are we tagging ourselves again. You all are screaming we will not be colonised again but thats what you are doing again. We as Zimbabwweans will not allow that to happen . Tell your Nkosi that to you clown.

  • comment-avatar
    Mazano Rewayi 7 years ago

    Poor, poor, pitiful Africans. “the fault is not in the stars that we are underlings, but in ourselves”. Nations only thrive when they exploit their comparative advantages and create inclusive institutions for doing so. No amount of external support will develop a nation when their systems are designed to serve a few – worse when the few are selfish, stupid and clueless. That Chinese team is useless. You can never teach a dog to sing nor a monkey to swim. And no amount of lipstick on a frog will make it Miss World. Let all those with eyes read, with ears hear – THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS CAN ONLY COME FROM OURSELVES OR IT DOES NOT COME AT ALL!
    BTW “ourselves” mean ordinary man doing extra ordinary things not thieves masquerading as leaders – on the way to hell!