Zimbabwe asks West for cash

via Zimbabwe asks West for cash – New Zimbabwe 06/05/2015

ZIMBABWE has asked for financial support from the West for the first time in a decade at a meeting of Western diplomats and international lenders.

Western nations, who accuse President Robert Mugabe’s government of election rigging and human rights abuses, have restricted funding to charities since 2002.

But Zimbabwean government officials met Western ambassadors and representatives from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and African Development Bank (AfDB) on Wednesday in Harare to discuss direct budgetary support.

“As we go forward and as we successfully build trust among ourselves, we can in future channel development assistance through the vote of credit (budget) so that we are able to plan more effectively and more efficiently,” Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the gathering which included diplomats from the United States and the European Union.

Donors, who fund health, agriculture and governance projects through U.N. agencies, have pledged $468 million to Zimbabwe this year, down from $737 million in 2014.

The EU this year gave Zimbabwe 234 million euros after lifting sanctions in November, the first time the bloc has given cash to Mugabe’s government since imposing sanctions in 2002.

Zimbabwe is one of a few developing countries that funds its budget entirely from taxes because it does not qualify for international credit due to a foreign debt of $9 billion.


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    Noooooo! Not in a million years! Not until the Rule of Law is reinstated, not until the farmers have been paid, not until “Indigenisation” is dead and buried forever, not until racism is eliminated

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    Of course Zim is the only country in the world to fund its budget entirely from local taxes – that’s the only money they have. Nobody wants to bankroll this decrepid thieving dictatorial police state. If you want foreign investment then give the farms back to the original owners or import white farmers and give them title to the land. And then get rid of all the thieving chefs and politicians. Otherwise, for the next hundred years Zimbabwe will be importing strategic and other food stuffs.

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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    Quite unbelievable last week saying get out of my face to a white person this week begging bowl out for white tax payers in foreign countries to fill. Who does the looney tunes character thinks he is. Get lost go and ask xenophibicSouth Africa and your mate Zuma for cash -but oh I forgot even thereit is white businesses and tax payers who foot most tax money.
    Racist Mugabe resign then you won’t have to ask for anything and the whites won’t want to see yourfaceagain.

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    maverickzw 7 years ago

    “Zimbabwe is one of a few developing countries that funds its budget entirely from taxes because it does not qualify for international credit due to a foreign debt of $9 billion.” Another joke from these clowns. If other previous reports on this website are even halfway correct Government has been unable to pay its employees, including thousands of ghost workers, for months. Most of the parastatals and municipalities are broke. The only budget allocation being funded is the Mugabe’s Travel budget! Unfortunately the liberal West will once again accommodate this man and the people of Zimbabwe will still be out in the cold.The looting continues

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    PLEASE DO NOT GIVE MUGABE MONEY OR AID. He will not pass it on to his people unless they join ZANU. The remaining few farms continue to be invaded, leaving workers homeless and jobless and even less food being produced locally (thereby requiring even more aid). Companies are being forced to hand over ownership. Mugabe continues to travel round the world and get medical treatment whilst his people suffer. LET MUGABE AND HIS CRONIES LOOK EAST

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    Garikayi 7 years ago

    Mega deals and mega deals flopped. Look east policy failed, look south policy failed and now it is look west. NO MONEY TO BOB