Zimbabwe open to foreign investment

via Zimbabwe open to foreign investment | The Herald August 20, 2015

Zimbabwe is ready for business with other countries from any part of the world and is willing to welcome foreign direct investment on a win-win situation, a Cabinet Minister has said. In an interview on Tuesday, Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Simon Khaya Moyo said Government’s economic agenda was anchored on economic emancipation of Zimbabweans.

He said his ministry was spear heading a number of initiatives expected to steer sustainable economic activity.

“We welcome investors because we know that some of them are fairly advanced in terms of machinery and knowledge,” he said.

“This is why as a Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, we are moving very fast to ensure that we create a One-Stop Investment Centre.

“We don’t want investors to move from ministry to ministry, from pillar to post and spend three to four months without knowing exactly what they are here for.”

The minister said Government wanted to do away with the bureaucracy that investors go through before they open shop.

He said there had been various exchanges between Zimbabwe and other countries with the intention of establishing or consolidating economic relations.

Minister Khaya Moyo said several foreign investors were willing to pour their capital in Zimbabwe given its divergent resource base.

“We have to make sure that we take serious measures on infrastructural development and indeed on utilities, for instance energy, because once you have problems with energy it is also difficult to develop in the way which you want,” he said.

“We are saying lets get into a game where the outcome is a win-win situation. We are not here to exploit anybody. We are proud of ourselves as a country and we are also proud to promote relationships with other countries.

“By and large, Zimbabwe is ready for business. We must know that nobody will build Zimbabwe for us. It must start from us and we must show that in all we do, (and) exercise maximum discipline. We must also ensure that we don’t nurse corruption because corruption has destroyed nations. We must deal with this animal called corruption ruthlessly.”

Minister Khaya Moyo said Zimbabwe was on the right course to sustainable development given the lead that President Mugabe has taken in spearheading industrialisation.

He said there was need for Government ministries to be co-ordinated in their operations.

“We must not work individually and pronounce policies that are conflicting,” said Minister Khaya Moyo.

“We must have one vision, one destiny and of course I am very satisfied that so far we seem to be on the right track and we believe that the difficulties that our people are going through are temporary.

“We shall do our best as Government to promote quality of lives of our people together and we must show that unity amongst ourselves. We must work together and shun these “isms” that are negative, for instance tribalism and regionalism.”


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    I understand that the deputy minister for agriculture has just recently gazetted 23 commercial farms for compulsory acquisition by the state.
    Neither the legal status nor the investments of the land title holders has been protected or upheld.
    This is the actual situation on the ground – compulsory acquisition without compensation.
    sk moyo can say what he likes, but facts speak louder than words. zimbabwe may be open to foreign investments, but it is certainly not attractive.
    zimbabwe under mugabe is a lawless state where investments are not protected and are always at risk by a predatory criminal cabal that lives under the protective wing of the president himself.

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      Paul Westwood 7 years ago

      My company was illegally seized by Temba Mliswa http://twitter.com/PaulPaulus13/status/464388746599620609 the President condemns CORRUPT and illegal activities and recently stated ” WHITES CAN OWN COMPANIES & industries”In Zimbabwe! Mliswa bribed magistrates NEVER KATIO and MORGAN NEMADIRE to get “Acquitted” . Mliswa is in breach of the Company’s Act, violation of the banking act, criminal defamation, Obstruction of Justice, abuse of office, malicious damage to my property, false police reports, defamed me, interfering with state witnesses, intimidation, harassment, he threatened to Rape my wife kidnap our two boys and KILL me! My ” Crime ” – EU investor creating employment in Zimbabwe! Mliswa forged a CR14 & obtained a new share certificate using a Fake”Banda Trust ” to illegally seize my company! He violated my Human and property rights. The Zimbabwe Government cannot afford rouge criminals like Temba Mliswa to tarnish their image? ZimAsset can and will work as long as ZANU-PF make corrupt individuals like Temba Mliswa accountable for his ACTIONS and DECISIONS! Justice through Compensation from Mliswa must prevail to send a clear message that NO-ONE is above the law&Untouchable! The whole world is watching

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    Hahaha! I didn’t realize the Herald did satire. Very funny indeed!

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Never should one read the whole article if is in the Herald… maybe the headline only….but anyway they have been printing this headline for twenty years but all the investment always goes to Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana or South Africa. Good.

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    @grabmore. I didn’t, I couldn’t. Even as humor, the Herald is pretty tedious going.

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    if this article isn’t a joke, then I’m floored. Magabe openly hates the whites. He has stolen their land, killed and maimed them, chased them out of their homes. Who in their right mind would invest in a country that is run by a hitler like dictator??

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      Paul Westwood 7 years ago

      My company was illegally seized by Temba Mliswa as the whole of Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF know. Noshio Motors incorporating Benbar/Tromps was Zimbabwe’s number One Choice for a decade. That was, until Temba Mliswa illegally seized it.

      Mliswa claims he had “permission” from His Excellency, and the illegal seizure was in line with “indiginisation”!! Mliswa is in violation of the Company’s act, banking act, theft by conversion, extortion, intimidation, harassment, interfering with a state witness, making false police reports, defamation, illegally opening a bank account, changing the CR14 and obtaining a new share certificate with my consent and/or knowledge under the guise of a fake “Banda Trust”.

      I was forced to flee Zimbabwe due to the death threats on my life. I lost my entire investment as a result of this . The President condemns such corrupt and illegal activities and the First Lady is sick and tired of people using their name in vain for personal gain/greed!!

      My “Crime” in Zimbabwe, being a white British investor creating employment for the hard working, very skilled, lovable people of the country I loved. How can FDI invest when they read real TRUE facts like this?? Justice through compensation from Temba Mliswa must prevail..

      He bribed magistrates Never Katiyo and Morgan Nemadire to get “Aquitted” as I gave the courts overwhelming evidence to find Mliswa and others guilty as charged. Didymus Mutasa obstructed the course of justice and lied to the President. He made sure his Nephew, son and others were “Aquitted” using corruption, bribery and political favours.

      T.G. Nyasha was arrested for obstructing the course of justice, colluding with the witnesses and prematuremly closing the states’ case. He claimed it was an “oversite” on his part when Director of Public Prosecutors Florence Zinyembe asked him why?? Charles Chinyama was arrested for obstruction of justice and coercion which the law society is well aware of as too is Chris Mutangadura and the Prosecutor General.

      I left behind lathe machines, milling machines, compressors, generators, grinders, spray equipment and booths, special tools, work benches, 16 vehicle hoists, wheel alignment machines, bending machines,vehicles, motor cycles,welding machines, stock, in fact an entire workshop at 32, Anthony avenue in Msasa fully in tact!! Ask Sarah Wingwiri from the sheriff of the court why she came to my company illegally as Kennan properties forged a lease agreement to have me “evicted” due to the fact that Temba Mliswa DID NOT pay rent, utilities or ZESA as he was protected and “above the law” whilst at my company. Ask magistrate Mugova why she DID NOT want to entertain me when I tried to explain the facts with my then lawyer Farai Mushoriwa who was “pulling his hair out” due to the severity of corruption going on.(I stand to be corrected but case number HC/61990 Farai will know but the file was permanently on Magistrate Mugova’s desk!!)

      How are investors suppose to act? My Human and Property rights were severely abused. The investigating officer in my case has all the facts but never had an opportunity to testify nor did the deeds office and other state witnessess. Instead Charles Chinyama went for Character assasination and applied for discharge.

      My business partner was a “Pastor” at my church, so I went to the church to ask for their intervention like the bible states. Instead the “Pastor” brings a lawyer and Temba Mliswa to illegally seize my company. My business partner was charged, arrested, and found guilty of making a false police report, claiming “I stole his motor vehicle”!!

      I have NEVER acknowledged Temba Mliswa as a Shareholder/Director/Chairman/Business Associate or any other. He forced himself upon my company and agressively threatened to rape my wife, kidnap our two boys and KILL me if I did not comply.

      My wife and boys are Belgian Nationals. The French Embassy intervened and wrote to the Minister of Forign Affairs ordering Mliswa to stop but he claims the President and uncle Didymus “will protect” him and he only takes orders from them. Mliswa’s BRITISH PARENTS live freely in the UK yet their son illegally seized my company??

      My MP has writeen to his Excellency to seek justice through compensation from Mliswa. How can an individual like Mliswa walk into a Private Limited Company and state “I know own this company in line with indiginisation”??

      ZimAsset can and WILL work but the Government has to stop corrupt individuals like Temba Mliswa being a law unto himself. A precident must be made in my case as investors around the world are watching.

      From the day Temba Mliswa illegally seized my company his life has never been the same. I am a true Ambassador of God and you have seen His wrath work wonders for my family and I. It is written Mliswa must restore 7fold that which he stole otherwise he will never be at peace!!

      God Bless Zimbabwe and her people. I am praying for you on a daily basis.