Zimbabwe to sell wild animals

via Zimbabwe to sell wild animals – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 12, 2015

ANGOLAN National Conservation Park is set to buy excess wild animals from Zimbabwe to replenish its stocks and has already initiated negotiations with the Zanu PF government, NewsDay has learnt.


Sources close to the deal said Zimbabwe would sell animals such as elephants, buffaloes, lions and antelopes, among other animals.

“The deal is being worked on between the Ministry of Environment and the Angolan National Conservation Park for the latter to buy the excess wild animals in Zimbabwe. The deal is expected to be signed in July in Angola,” the source said.

The source said the multi-million dollar deal would help Zimbabwe to generate additional revenue to cater for the growing wildlife population and recruit more wardens.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe-Angola Business Association (ZABA) hosted an investment meeting with the Angolan National Private Investment Agency (ANIP).

ZABA is an agency that brokers business between the governments of Angola and Zimbabwe.

“The government strategy is to promote investment and my presence here is to attract Zimbabweans to invest in Angola because according to the available information, the country has strong agricultural activities,” said ANIP administrator Jose Chinjamba.

“We have so much not just to Angola, but the Sadc region in terms of intelligence, skill and technology transfer, training initiatives and education,” ZABA chief liaison officer Mary-Ann Mandishona said.

ANIP was set up by the government of Angola and was the only state entity responsible for the execution of the national policy on private investment, its promotion, evaluation, monitoring and approval.

“We want investment in all sectors such as agriculture, industry, tourism, health, and educational system because we want diversification in our economy. In the context of diversification economy we want Zimbabwe to take part in this process,” Chinjamba said.

Angolan Ambassador to Zimbabwe Pedro Hendrik Vaal Neto attended the investment meeting on Friday.


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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Sell wildlife and buy whisky and Mercedes Benz – obviaaas

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    “Zimbabwe to sell wild animals”. Kkkkkkkk. What a misnomer!

    Its simply Zanu pf fat-cats selling wild animals – the country, as what happened with diamonds, will not get anything.

    All resources in the country belongs to Mugabe family and a few zanu pf fat-cats. Saka iyezvino vambofunga kutengesa havo mhuka dzavo kuti vawane mari dzokuenda kumaholidays kunana Dubai nekumwe kwakadaro kwavanodyira mari dzavanongonokora muZimbabwe yavo havo.

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    ZPF have sold everything else in this beautiful country of ours. I suppose this is the last remaining asset. And then what?

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    OLX-sell it Mugabe, sell It. Kikikikiki. Get you & zanu-pf Mercs neh