Zimra tightens screws on smugglers

via Zimra tightens screws on smugglers | The Herald June 26, 2014 by Thupeyo Muleya

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has intensified cargo searches following an increase in cases of smuggling.
The authority started the searches last week, in a development that has seen a decrease in the movement of north-bound traffic.
It is understood the searches went full throttle following the arrival of two mobile scanners and a team of Zimra officers from the loss control department.
At least six vehicles are being impounded daily by Zimra for smuggling.

The team is said to have been deployed  to most ports of entry following repeated reports of incidents of smuggling.
Zimra’s regional manager for Beitbridge Border Post, Mr Adrian Suarez, told students from the National Defence College during a tour of the facility last year that smuggling was rampant at the border post.

He said on the export side cigarettes were the main product that was being smuggled, while banned foodstuffs that are genetically modified especially chickens and potatoes formed the bulk of items that were being smuggled on the imports side.

“We also have a problem of smuggling of other items which were outside the travellers rebate such as clothing items, blankets and electrical gadgets such as refrigerators and stoves,” he said.

Under Zimbabwe’s Customs regulations, a traveller is allowed to bring into the country goods under US$300 once on their first entry into the country duty free.
He said on the imports side they were seizing between three and six vehicles per day trying to smuggle potatoes, blankets or chickens.

A senior Zimra official at the border post said on Monday that they had intensified searches after realising that the authority was losing a lot of revenue to smugglers.
“We are currently working with two mobile scanners, one on the exit and another on the entry side. The other two new scanners are yet to be used since we don’t have adequate manpower at the moment,” said the official.

The source added that the 100 percent search was meant to ensure compliance among travellers.
“Our main objective is to make sure that the travelling public comply with the country’s Customs laws,” added the source.


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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Start first with anything zanupf and have a budget surplus and pay off all international debts. Fools the lot

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Arrest Zimra bosses. They are the biggest smugglers

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Many ZIMRA officers are complicit in the smuggling that has occurred for many years so what is to done about them. As usual its case of “I am not the one”

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    I think you need to stop the ZRP First to stop crossing to South african Side taking gases from Cityliner bus and loading into the ZRP Van ,why dont they wait till bus is in Zim side .How do we build a better Zim with people who suppose to stop and they keep doing coruption.