War vets in court for sugar estates seizure

via War vets in court for sugar estates seizure 21/05/2014 NewZimbabwe

SOME 169 war veterans who early this month violently seized vast tracts of virgin land in Chiredzi and Triangle belonging to South Africa-based sugar producer Tongart Hullet have been hauled before a local court.

Stella Masosoti and 168 accomplices this week appeared before a Chiredzi Magistrate, Honest Masiwa, facing charges of unlawfully invading gazetted land.

The court heard that the war veterans’ invasion resulted in over 600 Shangani families joining in to invade thousands of hectares at Hippo valley’s  Section 9 estates and Siringa Section 65 of Triangle estates.

The group has accused government of side-lining them during the chaotic land reform programme started at the turn of the millennium.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove said on 15 and 16 May this year, Masosoti and her group proceeded to Hippo Valley and Triangle sugar estates farms where they started pegging plots for themselves and attempted to start farming activities at the two estates.

The court heard that the group resisted efforts by Tongutt Hullets officials to move them off the land, leading to a police report.

They were later arrested and put in police custody at Chiredzi central and Triangle police station before they were brought to court.

In their defence, the war vets are arguing that they are in possession of offer letters from the government issued to them by former Masvingo Governor, Titus Maluleke.

Meanwhile, the government said the six families would be moved off the estates.

Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora said they had been given letters to occupy “virgin land” that isn’t owned by the agricultural company.

“We don’t allow any invaders on any piece of land, so any invader must be pulled out immediately,” Mombeshora told Bloomberg News.

“The matter is being dealt with appropriately by the authorities and operations are continuing as normal,” said Adelaide Chikunguru-Musvovi, a Tongaat Hulett spokeswoman.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    A bit late in the day to start with this. Kind of like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

    Nice to see some of the entitlement brigade being disentitled.

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    How many War Vets exactly does Zimbabwe have?They seen to crawl out of the wood work like termites and they all claim not to have enough. Surely since the invasions begun all war vets should by now have grabbed enough and living the life of Riley on prime land. How much does one war vet need to compensate for “sacrifice” I say that very loosely because I suspect some of these are bogus. I suspect most of them have never been in the same room with a gun let alone handled or fired one.I have a lot of respect for those who fought but I do question now whether my respect is misplaced.
    Are these just greedy lawless people masquarading as war vets to get what they want?

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      Antonio delgado 8 years ago

      You’re asking the right questions, most of the so called war vets are too young to have fought in the ’65-’80 war…period

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    simbi 8 years ago

    Well you read of the 17year old war vet that was released because of his age??

  • comment-avatar
    Zeezee 8 years ago

    War vets? Are any of these people old enough to have fought in a war?