War vets on extortion crusade

via ‘War vets on extortion crusade’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 15, 2014

SOME war veterans were allegedly extorting money from unsuspecting liberation war collaborators claiming that they would facilitate their vetting to enable them to be eligible for government benefits, NewsDay has learnt.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (ZLWACO) vice-chairperson Josephine Gandiya accused Joseph Kandembiri of leading a faction that was extorting money ranging from $5 to $25 from war collaborators.

Kandemiri has reportedly formed a parallel organisation, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (ZLWACA).

Gandiya also alleged that Kandemiri’s group was moving around the country misrepresenting to war collaborators that they had joined hands with ZLWACO.

Following the development, ZLWACO has, through its lawyers, threatened legal action against Kandemiri.

Gandiya said: “The war veterans are actually working outside the mandate of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association and its leader. What we know is that it is the government that is supposed to vet the war collaborators and these people have not been assigned to do that.”

Gandiya said that the most affected areas were Mashonaland East and Central provinces.

“The team has visited almost all the 10 provinces, but information that we have gathered shows that Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central provinces have the highest number of people who have been fleeced of their hard-earned cash, especially in Murehwa and Mt Darwin,” Gandiya said.

Kandemiri, however, denied the allegations although he confirmed “working with war veterans in a professional manner”.

“They can say what they want, but the truth of the matter is that these people are being vetted by war veterans,” Kandemiri said. “What they are saying is nothing, but total lies. I work with war veterans led by (Jabulani) Sibanda and not individuals.”

War veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda said he was unaware of the development.

“I have not heard that there are any war veterans going about vetting people around the country or any vetting process of the war collaborators,” Sibanda said.

“What I know as of now is that there are some misunderstandings among the war collaborators but as of the vetting processes, I am not aware of that.”

War veterans, who in 1997 received a Z$50 000 gratuity each, get a monthly sustenance allowance from government.



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    These war vets are getting too big for their boots.

    My mum, together with others in our villages and many across the country, supported these guys and gave them succour.
    She gets nothing from the government(ha ha ha).

    They go round terrorising the very same people they purported to have fought to liberate.

    Confused selfish wankers is what they are!

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Let them feast in each other

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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Who cares.

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    Just wondering does anybody know how many war verterans are left in Zimbabwe? Does anybody keep count?

    My feeling is a lot of them claiming to be war vets are bogus. Coz of course nobody can verify their credentials. Every thief now claims to be a war vet. War vet title is just a licence to thieve. The real war vets must be turning in their graves coz I think thats where all the good ones are.

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    For sure the basket is now empty so they have turned on each other.

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    reader 8 years ago

    I was talking to some youth the other day while enjoying a nice cold one these boys were claiming to be War Vetran’s, they were perhaps 25/26 years old.

    I asked how can you be a war vet when you are so young you must mean you are a Born free.

    Their claim was due to the fact that their parents were fighting for liberation that made them war vets as well they were disadvantaged previously???????? confused so am I.

    No wonder the country is going down.