We are worried by ‘brown envelope’ journalism: Mandiwanzira

via We are worried by ‘brown envelope’ journalism: Mandiwanzira — Nehanda Radio  NOVEMBER 27, 2013

Supa Mandiwanzira the Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services has said poor salaries for journalists in Zimbabwe have “given rise to the culture of brown envelopes where journalists are paid to write certain stories.”

Mandiwanzira was speaking at the ongoing Government-civic society conference in Bulawayo. “We are worried about the welfare of journalists and have tasked the Zimbabwe Media Commission to look into the issue and give us appropriate recommendations,” he said.

“We are engaging the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) to set up an NEC for journalists. We are also working on a programme to see if journalists can get residential stands through the Ministry of Local Government.”

The Nyanga South MP called for professionalism saying, “If you spew propaganda and politics you will not be commercially viable. Zanu-PF and President Mugabe headlines are no longer selling. People are tired of these things and those who do that will soon be out of business,” said the deputy minister.

Despite this rhetoric, critics say the state owned but Zanu PF controlled media continues to operate exactly along those lines of vilifying anyone in the opposition or offering a different view to Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

The broadcast media monopolised by Mandiwanzira’s party also continues to be unprofessional and one-sided in its coverage something that has motivated Harare West MDC-T MP Jessie Majome to take the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) to the Constitutional Court for demanding licence fees while serving the interests of one political party.



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    Arrogant puppy. Puffed up upstarts boy

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      Feet on the Ground 10 years ago

      The existence of “Brown Envelope Journalism” is absolutely rife with all of the local daily’s. Specifically the Daily News, News Day and Herald and occasionally on ZBC.

      Like him or hate him the Deputy Minister is on the money.

      It is commonplace for articles to appear in the papers that are written by those pushing a personal agenda and the Journalists simply take the script and “Brown Envelope” and ensure it is published.

      The net result is biased and compromised reporting.

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    lawyer 10 years ago

    Until standards and media ethics improve I don’t think journalists should be paid any thing – all they do is write opinion there is no research.