We need a transitional govt: Biti

via We need a transitional govt: Biti – DailyNews Live by Mugove Tafirenyika and Nyasha Chingono  6 JUNE 2014

Former Finance minister Tendai Biti says President Robert Mugabe has failed and should therefore relinquish power to pave way for an independent transitional government.

Biti, who is also former mainstream MDC secretary-general, told a news conference in Harare yesterday that under Mugabe’s present  rule, Zimbabweans are worse off than they were during the hyperinflationary period preceding 2009.

“We think that this government has failed so there should be a National Transitional Council that must be concerned with governance matters. You cannot expect a government whose average age is 67 years to deal with the problems that are affecting the country,” Biti said.

Biti’s sentiments dovetail with his former ally Morgan Tsvangirai who has said the country cannot wait until the 2018 polls because of the pressing economic challenges.

Biti added that Mugabe’s current regime was the weakest the country has ever had since 1980, accusing it of robbing citizens of their hard-earned cash by unjustifiably hiking fees for social services such as health and taxes.

Biti, who leads a breakaway MDC faction code name the Renewal-Team, was flanked by National Assembly member Solomon Madzore and faction spokesperson Jacob Mafume.

He said his faction was against the idea of holding fresh elections, saying it would be a waste of time as Zanu PF would still rig the election.

His faction wanted a government led by technocrats.

“The current government is the most redundant, most mediocre and the most clueless since independence. We used to have governments which used to have pockets of energy in a few ministries, but this particular government is arrested by indifference,” Biti said.

He added Mugabe as the chief executive of the country is always away impacting on the smooth running of government.

“Problems are never resolved by the same mindset that created them. It doesn’t happen.  We need to come up with a government to address the current deficit of leadership. It can’t be a government of national unity, but a technical government.”

Biti also proposed a Sadc-led curatorship of Zimbabwe in order to salvage the country’s economy.



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    Hw are you going to force Zanu to do what you say is best for us? 4billion after you have done what and how?

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    Did I hear SADC?
    A bunch of inept dinosaurs?
    A bit young to be with that lot Mr Biti, surely?

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    Isu Zvedu 8 years ago

    Biti, it will take years, maybe 67 years before you can be trusted again to become finance minister of any government. You failed to remain focused and preferred to enjoy Mugabe’s crumbs while they lasted. The GNU was your time to shine and show visionary leadership. Instead you people took turns to be driven in mercs. And now you opposition are at each other’s throat-stupid!

    I am not sure whether by writing your articles the way you do, you would change minds like me. We long knew there was need for a 5 year transitional govt. You got your chance and failed to implement just one reform. Which technocrat can you suggest would be agreed to by Mugabe to remove him from power? During your time as minister, we expected you to shine as an example of real leadership. Sadly you worked so hard to bring the monster back. The economy is good, that is why you are working under this govt. Else if you are fully convinced and you mean what you say, start by resigning from parliament, then stop paychecks from you-know-who and then preach the gospel of change properly.

    Actually, Zimbabwe would do very well if there was no such thing as political opposition. You people create fake hope and promise yet you have no means to bring about change. You had an opportunity to force Mugabe to negotiate with you but you lost it. Now, Zimbabweans, whether Zanu PF or MDC must be given a chance to rise up against your incompetence-all you MDC leaders and all those 67 + year old Zanu PF.

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Spot on use zvedu…. so how many chances do failed politicians want ? I rest my case

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    What is civil society waiting for? Surely not for a political solution to our problems = it will never happen. Forget the politicians and lets do it ourselves

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    I agree with the need for transitional government but only if it is made up of civil society in Zimbabwe. They are the only nes who can pull us out of this mess

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    munzwa 8 years ago

    come on civic society, your time has come…

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Who is going to foot the bill the last time it was Eu footing salaries for a big governemtn that did notheing stop begging – tme to beg from the SADC and AU

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Civil Society have been excluded why- back to square one
    ZHRL should also be included

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    Petal 8 years ago

    We are all aware that the SADC an AU have been useless all along. the SADC cannot even allow free movement for its people and be there for them in times of need

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    mandy 8 years ago

    Biti is now 50 years old but extremely immature. With regards the traits that Biti has displayed one would be persuaded to raise the age of presidency from the current 40 to perhaps 60 years to allow for time for Tendai Biti to mature. Perhaps he is perpetually immature.

    What does a transitional government got to do with it Mr. Biti? What do technocrats got to do with rescuing this country from the inevitable doom? I dont get it. Tendai Biti, Patrick Chinamasa, Welshman Ncube are all technocrats. They negotiated the transitional government that we had from 2009 to 2013. They cannot tell the nation where they got it all wrong. They surely owe the nation some explanation on the six years of negotiations and what they hoped to achieve. Added to that are other technocrats like Made, Jonathan Moyo, Walter Chidakwa, Elias Mudzuri, Mzembi etc.

    What will be peculiar to this technocratic transitional government? Perhaps flying around the world and neglecting to introduce even basic reforms that can curb corruption, skulduggery, factional fighting, spin doctoring and carnivals. This read my lips attitude makes a mockery of its audience. American Presidents are on average in their 40s but at the same time one of the most successful american was Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70s. What has this age thing got to do with it really?

    Zimbabweans desire space to work for themselves. They desire a conducive environment where there are consistent policies; where there is no culture of getting rich quick that leads to corruption; they need rule of law, they need freedom of association and expression, they need to elect a leader of their choice etc.

    Zimbabweans do not need lecture series from Biti, they do not need 50 000 policemen from Mnangagwa, they do not special constabulary in every village from Jonathan , rogue war veterans and militias from Mugabe, they do not need a polarised environment from Chamisa, they do not need blame shifting from Mudzuri, they do not need inflation from Gono and so on, they do not need that foul mouth from Hwende and Mangoma. They do not need your opportunism. They do not need sellouts like Mashakada and his freind Goodson.

    Zimbabweans can think for themselves, Tendai Biti. You insult the intelligence of all Zimbabweans when you prescribe technocrats to us. With the exception of Bernard Chidzero and perhaps Nathan Shamuyarira technocrats have no good record at all in Zimbabwe. In fact the latter two were people oriented and compassionate. They could be trusted with power and leadership.

    We know that when you talk about technocrats you include yourself. What did you do at the ministry of finance? Did any body stop you from changing the procurement system that has given us all this corruption around us. Just what were technocratic strength do for us at the international community.

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    MANDY,MANDY power to you.

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    What is that which we need and which we do not have.Technocrats we have the likes of professors some of robotics doctors and many others. Natural resources a vast of them platinum, diamond, gold methane gas, copper ,chrome and some not yet explored. Even a very good climate we have in Zimbabwe
    our biggest undoing is that of leadership, we do not have leaders of integrity, honesty and accountability, this is our biggest deficiency
    Thank God at this time that he has raised a God fearing generation to lead this country and take it out of this mess. This was done in the form of a new political party Transform Zimbabwe led by Jacob Ngarivhume a born again spirit filled christian whom God called to get into politics and lead this nation come 2018.As we speak many pastors and ordinary zimbabweans have accepted our message of transformation and are part of TZ. I urge all Zimbabweans to join hands with this new generation so that both physical and spiritual transformation may be effected in our nation.
    The hope of this nation is no longer in Zanu pf or Mdc because if you look closely there is no difference bwtn these parties, but the hope is in God and in his wisdom he has given us a deliverer at a time like this. saka tirikuti handei vanoenda, asambeni abahambayo