We’ll take Mugabe cash: Julius Malema

via We’ll take Mugabe cash: Malema – Southern Eye 10 January 2014

CONTROVERSIAL South African politician Julius Malema yesterday said he will accept funding from President Robert Mugabe if offered as he defended the 89-year-old ruler’s record.

Malema sparked speculation in 2010 when he was pampered by top Zanu PF officials during a visit to Harare at a time he was engaged in running battles with South Africa’s ruling African National Congress.

He met Mugabe at State House, a privilege that is extended to a few people. In the run -up to the July 31 elections, Malema was forced to deny reports that Zanu PF ministers were funding his Economic Freedom Front (EFF) to spite South African President Jacob Zuma.

At the time, Zuma was vigorously pushing for electoral reforms in Zimbabwe that Mugabe was fiercely resisting.

Yesterday Malema told journalists in Johannesburg he would have no problems receiving money from Africa’s longest serving ruler ahead of South Africa’s elections later this year.

“We will never have a problem receiving money from president Mugabe. That is the cleanest money we can receive,” he said.

Defending Mugabe’s rule, Malema said detractors should remember the effects of capitalism in South Africa before criticising other nations such as Zimbabwe.

“There’s no system that has worked successfully for Africans, except the Zimbabwean system,” he said.

“The Zimbabweans today can be hungry and poor, but at least they own property.

“You are eating pap (isitshwala/sadza) and vleis (sausages)here in South Africa, you have nothing to show as proof that you belong to South Africa.”

Malema’s EFF has been pushing for Zimbabwe-style land seizures in the neighbouring country, arguing that economic transformation was too slow.

He was expelled from the ANC for indiscipline.

Malema said the EFF intended to win the 2014 elections, but the playing field was not level because election laws, rules and regulations favoured existing political parties and the ruling party.

The EFF would approach the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the electoral court to raise certain issues.

The first was the R45 000 compulsory registration fee per political party per province and the R200 000 to be paid per political party nationally.

“Such excludes parties that don’t have money, yet have massive following of the people to democratically participate in elections,” Malema said.

The second issue was the IEC funding model, according to which only political parties with seats in Parliament got money.

“This is unfair. In essence, the IEC is funding political parties to retain the same number of seats they currently occupy,” he said.

The third issue was the Icasa regulation which states that media coverage, mainly radio and television, should be allocated to parties according to the number of seats they have in Parliament. Malema said this prejudiced new political parties.

The EFF will launch its election manifesto in Tembisa on February 22. Malema said it was going to be an exciting election because of his party.

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  • comment-avatar
    woosafoolinawho 8 years ago

    Mr Malema, I think the starving masses in Matebeleland need whatever monies there are more then you do!

    • comment-avatar
      Chinese Puppets 8 years ago

      South African’s love telling this joke !

      Robert Mugabe and his chauffeur were driving down the highway when suddenly they hit a pig crossing the road and killed it instantly.

      Mugabe tells his driver: “Go to da farm over dere and hexplain to da honer of da pig what happen.”

      One hour later, Mugabe sees his driver coming back from the farm, his clothes all wrinkled, a bottle of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other.

      “What happen to you?” Mugabe asks.

      “Well, the farmer gave me a bottle of wine, his wife, the cigar and their 19 year old daughter made wild passionate love to me.”

      “My God! What did you tell dem?” asked Mugabe.

      The driver answered: “Good evening, I am Robert Mugabe’s chauffeur and I have just killed the pig.”

      • comment-avatar
        Mark Talbot 8 years ago

        I get it, they thought he killed Mugabe when he said he killed the pig.

  • comment-avatar
    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    Inspite of his eccentricity,Juju wil always make one or two valid points,which may make some seeth with anger,but oh how true he will be

  • comment-avatar
    Senzachena 8 years ago

    If one believes what one hears, Malema has been on the ZIM/CIO payroll since about 2010. I have little doubt that he continues to be fumded from these quaters. One can only hope that the general South African voter will look at the Zimbabwe debacle and refuse to give Malema any support. Regretably he says all the things which excite those in the SA society who do not have the intelligence to see through the smoke and mirrors. Hopefully he will be serving a very long prison sentance for all his alleged financial criminal activity by the time the election comes about.

  • comment-avatar
    Rukweza 8 years ago

    You mention hunger of matebeland what about midlands,masvingo

    • comment-avatar
      Umwrong 8 years ago

      That was just a single example, my brother. Many go hungry all over Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Doris 8 years ago

    Malema is a nobody. I mean, really? “At least you own property.”? I wonder how those so-called ‘owners’ got their title deeds?

    • comment-avatar
      Umwrong 8 years ago

      They didn’t get title deeds. They got non-transferable 99-year leases that are useless because they can’t use their land as collateral to obtain funding and inputs. Zimbabweans don’t own the land; the government does.

  • comment-avatar

    If south Africa want to be reduced to ashes, let them listern to what that fool Malema says.Mugabe is a failed leader who was given ‘the bread basket of Africa ‘ in a silver plate and has only managed to send half of his people into the diaspora….shame..

    • comment-avatar
      Chinese Puppets 8 years ago

      And the other half into early graves or abject poverty !

  • comment-avatar
    Murimi Wanhasi 8 years ago

    @Doris.Applied and got them from govt

    • comment-avatar
      Jrr56 8 years ago

      Nope no title deeds! Like Malema seems you are all smoke and deceit. It is a good thing South Africans are not like some weak minded Zimbabweans who actually believer the rubbish they spout.

  • comment-avatar

    Murimi wanhasi is dying to wipe malema puppet posterior. Zumalands won’t vote for a kasukuvere look alike. All self enriching criminals. Go hang mugarbage

  • comment-avatar
    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    Malema is Mugabe’s dog, and I shoddy dog at that. Has he wondered why there is over 90% unemployment in Zimbabwe, millions of Zimbabweans living as Economic refugees in SA. Not Economic Freedom Fighters. Go to Binga and stand in line for UN food parcels to avoid atarving to death. Malema is a corrupt and disgraceful human. You stupid idiot.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Malema says things which relates to his name which means mad persons.It looks like he is so ignorant of what is happening in our country because he claims that our small scale farmers have pieces of lands when in fact they are placed there on temporary basis without valid title deeds.This is why financial institutions cannot give them loans because these lands are legally not theirs.Why should our government waste money giving this lunatic,who claims that he has popular support but without a penny in his pocket.How can that be if his supporters can pay party membership fees?He has very little support from the illiterate people of Limpopo Area.The S.African Electoral Commission is one of the best in Africa with full independence supported by their constitution.The money claims are made to justify his poor performance in the forth coming elections.I am sure that these elections will silence him forever.

  • comment-avatar

    Now we wait see if Zanu do give him funding what the ANC will do. Zuma and Malema backed the same horse. This is the begining. South Africa is going to rue the day they took sides. Zimbabweans at least know where they stand becuase they have been there for sometime now. Meanwhile further north Sata is Zanunising. He is arresting opposition members who say things about him.

  • comment-avatar
    chauya chimurenga 8 years ago

    Zim has food shortaages now yet Malema is saying it is better to starve . Peopple of Zim have nothing Zanu Pf cronies own everything . When Malema went to Zimbabwe he should have visited Masvingo or Bulawayo rural arreas not state house. Maybe he would have had a better appreciation of the situation

  • comment-avatar
    Michael Saruchera 8 years ago

    Julius Malema is claiming to have a big following but he cannot raise the required R405 000 for the 9 provinces and R200 000 nationally.Malema is a Joke , when he is talking about indigenisation he is talking about grabbing farms and mines for himself just like his friends in ZANU PF.If Malema cares for the people why doesn’t he command a big support base in his home provine Limpopo instead he has sympathisers in the North West Province because of the Marikana debacle.

  • comment-avatar

    Malema is a criminal,just like the criminal cabal we see in zanu pf! He must forget about being president of south africa and look and look for a job. Those eff idiots supporting him by buying cards are getting poorer by the day. Running a country is not a circus julius!

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    Malema needs to come back to Zim, so that he can be in a Mugabe stlye staged car accident

  • comment-avatar
    tafadzwa maguta 8 years ago

    thus malema for you,he had tried everything and had failed,now he attempt zim.can someone remind him,chinamasa,failed to comeup with a budget.we are dead brok before he even ask for a pen.

  • comment-avatar
    Tankieso 8 years ago

    Malema his just an empty vessels, he has nothing 2 offer the people of South Africa but a cope and paste citizen. Like he has cope and pasted the policies and 10 commandments of the African National Congress when he form his so called polical party Eracted Fool Fighting (EFF). He does’nt even hav any leadership skills so he must forget he never be a President in South Africa, not even to be a ward Clr

  • comment-avatar
    Bryan 7 years ago

    Zimbabweans got something to show are you sure comrade:if so why am I in south africa,why are eating donated food,is it a country which is running through market,think twice comrade,
    Zimbabwe is afailed state
    Its nw giving SA headache by protecting its citizens from xenophobia
    Funga kaviri comrade

  • comment-avatar

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