Whither Zanu PF?

via Whither Zanu PF? – DailyNews Live  18 NOVEMBER 2013 

Iinfighting and mudslinging besetting Zanu PF risks breaking out into a fatal situation.

President Robert Mugabe needs to intervene and diffuse the volatile situation which is fast becoming a distraction to his government’s bid to turnaround the economy.

Government business has suffered in the last three weeks as a result of internecine infighting within Zanu PF which is linked to succession.

Focus has shifted to provincial elections which are seen as the springboard for Mugabe’s successor at an elective congress slated for December 2014.

Provincial elections were held in Manicaland, Midlands and Mashonaland Central where John Mvundura, Jason Machaya and Luke Mushore were declared winners, amidst accusations of vote rigging through the use of fake voting slips.

The three elections have exposed the rot and a dangerous culture which exists within the Zanu PF system.

It is a culture of cheating, intolerance and dishonesty.

While Mugabe has spoken through his spokesperson George Charamba, we still believe that whatever position he has, it must come direct from his mouth.

As long as he sends people to speak on his behalf, nobody will listen as is the case with Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo who insists that Zanu PF is not run from the ministry of Information.

Why is Mugabe not directly standing up to this problem or is it that he is in a quandary or simply enjoying the infighting which he will quell off at an “appropriate” time.

Mugabe has always known that there are factions within Zanu PF and has encouraged open debate about succession although no one has dared to come out in the open expressing interest.

While Vice President Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa are seen as front runners to succeed him, no one knows how the succession saga will end.

This is why the whole issue is like that of a man riding on the back of a hungry tiger.

Mugabe alone has the answers to who should succeed him. He has got to act on it.

The quarrelling and brickbats being thrown at senior figures within the party by equally senior officials are indicative of a party at sea.

Without a doubt, a storm is building and it could be a storm that has serious repercussions for Zimbabwe’s politics.

The provincial elections have given us a sneak-preview into the near future.

Chaos and flagrant violations of the party’s conduct guiding the internal elections and the subsequent divisions that have emerged show a house divided.

And as they say, a house divided, surely cannot stand. Zanu PF is standing on jelly legs!



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    chilimanzi 10 years ago

    how can he intervene when he is the problem he knows what s going on he is good at playing hard ball.

  • comment-avatar
    dayford 10 years ago

    One wonders why national elections have always been put into question

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    He is very old , this is a sign that he can’t stamp his authority to control the issues , ZANU PF is heading to a more ludicrous situation . People must not blame president Mugabe on this , senior members of the party must be held accountable for what is happening now , they kept and punished president Mugabe to continue leading the party even if they could see that his age doesn’t allow him ,he can’t be creative anymore like the yester years , so they must sort out themselves . They used the president as their spear to win the recent elections regardless of the alleged rigging what soever , now for them to continue giving the president a task to lead the party is a huge punishment to him , 2014 December is not the appropriate period given out to finalise their succession plan , its too late , it must be done soon soley to stabilise a situation which might cost the entire party , we don’t need any conflict . Well while scretching each like this , opposition parties are gaining more strength of which thats what we need .

    • comment-avatar
      Boss MyAss 10 years ago

      To hell all of them,as soon as possible, yesterday if possible,34 years ago if possible.

  • comment-avatar
    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Who knows maybe the president is now getting sound advice from the middle aged with foresight to leave a good image when he stands down than to listen to the old ideas which offer no progress at all.Mr. Charamba could be one of those judging by what he said a few days ago.He refused to be bullied by the old guard within the party.