Wildlife conflict centre launched

via Wildlife conflict centre launched – DailyNews Live by Wendy Muperi  3 MARCH 2014

Zimbabwe has launched a Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Centre (HWCMC) in a bid to guarantee a balance between benefits and preservation of endangered species in the country.

Food and Agriculture Organisation (Fao) funded construction of the Mukuvisi Woodlands-based centre, which will provide experts and the public with information on preservation of such species.

Environment, Water and Climate minister Savior Kasukuwere said the ever growing human population and associated activities have destabilised natural habitats, calling for the need of conservation initiatives.

“The centre will contribute towards efficient human-wildlife conflict mitigation to ensure that wildlife continues to provide ecological, social, economic and cultural contributions to human development, said Kasukuwere last Friday.

The Climate minister added that, “The purpose of setting up this centre is to raise awareness on human wildfire conflicts issues not only for wildfire practitioners and researchers but also for the general public.”

The development comes as Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world in celebrating the first World Wildlife Day on Monday following a last December proclamation by United Nations General Assembly.

The day will be commemorated under the theme, “Wildlife protection for community empowerment and national economic development” set to highlight the significance of wildlife in the livelihoods of communities.

Zimbabwe has many world cherished conservancies which have been attracting tourists from all over the world.

Many host communities have, however, been complaining of the absence of any meaningful benefits derived from such conservancies.

Kasukuwere said government is in the process of formulating strategies which will ensure fair distribution of wildlife incomes between business owners and communities.

“Government is currently working on ensuring that communities which reside in areas adjacent to wildlife areas draw meaningful benefits from wildlife, in line with the ZimAsset,” he said.

Fao forestry and wildlife officer, Rene Czudek said the centre would help link existing programmes with objectives of the Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

The Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (Campfire) is so far the most popular conservation programme in the history of Zimbabwe.



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    Roving Ambassador 10 years ago

    He talks about policies which have been there the past 40 years and he calls them zimassset. We were not born yesterday . Its failure in applying the policies that is the problem, fool.

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    munzwa 10 years ago

    Not sure what zinasset has to do with it all, first task then minister will be the trans frontier park down in the south east…

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    chikangalafula Moses Shoko. 10 years ago

    Wildlife Conflict CENTRE Launched.

    Dear MR Kasukuwere.
    your strategy, is welcome.

    1.), you said government is in the process of formulating a strategy,which will ensure, fair distribution of wildlife income between business and communities.
    2.)”Goverment is currently,working on ensuring that communities which resides in areas adjacent to wildlife, areas draw meaningful, benefits from wildlife,in line with ZimAsset”.
    ThATS AN EXCELLENT proposal. and excellent.
    (if the idea works as IT will, then we shall encourage it to be adopted, by other industries aswell e.g mining industries etc.
    i mean the country should adopt such clEver ideas.).
    thank u.

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    The problem with our political landscape is that over all these years you get all these associations with fancy names popping up that are supposed to do this and that and it ends up creating employment for people that have no clue what they are doing.Roving Ambassador is right. These structures have always been there although no longer that visible. This is the same as a farm that offers horse rides. The next year some else removes the sign and says Stallion rides. Next year some else puts Mare rides etc..etc.. if you get my drift. During the seventies and the eighties these communities benefited by the construction and maintenance of roads and infrastructures like clinics and schools. Revenues from hunting, game viewing and many operations in these areas were finding their way into to the fiscus and found their way back into these areas .
    Can we say this is happening now with the Chinese plunder and the poaching which implicates some big wigs?

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    Savior Kasukuwere is one of the most destructive individuals in the Zanu set up. He saves nothing as his name says. Look what he done with industry. Sorry Zanu this clown like Chombo does not inspire confidence. I only wish his parents would have called him destroyer.