Workers snub $5 salary increment

via Workers snub $5 salary increment – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 11, 2014 by Christopher Mahove

WORKERS in the detergents, edible oils and fats sector have refused to accept a paltry $5 salary increase offered by their employers and have taken the matter for arbitration.

This was disclosed by the out-going president of the Detergents, Edible Oils and Fats Workers’ Union Mathias Dzikiti at a special elective congress held in Harare at the weekend.

Dzikiti said the sector had not had salary negotiations for the past two years, a situation that has resulted in members of the union being the least paid compared to those in other sectors.

Since the introduction of the multi-currency regime in 2009, Dzikiti said, negotiations had been difficult to conclude due to non-cooperation by employers, forcing salaries to be determined by arbitrators.

“The current negotiations have seen us referring the matter for arbitration as the employers were offering a paltry 2,5% increment which translates to $5 of the current minimums the whole year,” Dzikiti said.

Dzikiti said the case will be heard on Friday.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Food Federation and Allied Workers’ Union general-secretary John Peter Gwatiringa said workers in the sector should be united as employers were taking advantage of the disunity among workers to victimise elected union members.

He urged those elected into the new executive to be fearless and commit to serving their members.

“Unionism is not an easy thing as you will be at the forefront of fighting for workers’ rights.

“You will have to fight with lawmakers, employers and the government.
“If they don’t put food on our table, we will take them headlong, so if you are not prepared to fight, don’t contest this election,” he said.

Meanwhile, a labour officer who presided over the congress elections, Evans Machikiti, urged the union to establish a pension fund for the industry in order to cushion its members when they eventually retired.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    It is well known that if you have to rely on a union to get a decent salary it is because you are not very good at what you do. If you are useful and productive and valuable to the company you work for they will always pay you more than the union can get you. If not the competitor will. In the mean time all those $5 you are turning down, please donate them to Harare Children’s Home. This money can feed a lot of children.

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    @John Thomas-you are right.These people must take into account the current economic situation which directly affects their industry.This industry is dependent on the welfare of the population.At the moment people have no money in their pockets so they keep at their homes to make very cheap meals.Only these few looters can afford to eat and drink outside their homes.Take the $5 and use it for transport otherwise you will find yourselves without jobs.

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    As above, agreed. Have they(workers) not read the plight of the civil service work force, the economy is imploding and some companies are accepting cuts in their salaries and wages!!

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    If yu find yoself buying detergents then you are a Cuthbert Dube or Happy-son Muchechetere. For drinks, buy Chimera kuMbare n you are good to go. For detergents, musaridzwa paGuyonredovi or cooking oil will do. I think theses are the companies to target for 51% at the moment,companies that dont add value to the general populace.

    Besides to get a $5 increment means you guys are earning $200 for non-basic stuff whc zimbabweans can do without, after all Zimbabwean can import roll-ons, handy andies, sunlight liquids much cheaper. $200 means you guys earn better than Teachers and Police. Many civil servant earn less than that. $5 is a fair increament. Next month you will earn $205.