You can keep your racism, I’ll keep thinking you’re an idiot

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Is it okay to be outrageously racist to white Zimbabweans? Here’s the editor’s response to The Herald’s recent car crash of a report on Brian Adams and The Warriors

There was an article in The Herald this week that received a lot of attention and charged debate. Tichaona Zindoga snaked his way through the Brian Adams concert and the success of The Warriors in the CHAN tournament like a lost toddler with ADHD. But that’s being too kind. Some of his comments regarding the Brian Adams concert were weighed into the debate on how the event’s organisers secretly advertised the concert like the sub-Saharan Illuminati to ensure that the audience was a nice, clean shade of white. Even though ZiFM and NewsDay were the media partners for the event and aired and published adverts and publicity for the Adams concert.

The audience was indeed predominantly white but that shouldn’t be a massive surprise, Kalabash jokingly predicted the colour ratio in last week’s Kalabash Kartoon. But the talk around the Adams concert isn’t what intrigued nor infuriated me, I don’t care for the artist and don’t subscribe to the obsession over a predominantly middle aged white audience going to watch a middle aged white artist from the 80s and 90s in a 3500-seater venue. Nor do I agree with the Human Rights activists who don’t think international artists should perform in Zimbabwe because they create the illusion of stability. The Adams concert is not a good example, on a more integrated level, but I am 100% behind events like HIFA and Shoko Festival, establishments like the Book Café and any venues around the country that promote arts and culture, be it from within or outside our borders. These institutions have not only entertained crowds but also forged vital relationships and enhanced the career opportunities for so many well-known artists in the country from the late Chiwoniso Maraire to The Prince of Fiya, Dhadza D.

The power of art to provide a reprieve and create conversations can’t be undermined and don’t worry, Western Media’s insatiable lust for portraying Zimbabwe as an unstable and flailing nation will cope with an international artist or two performing here.

What got to me, in the midst of Tichaona’s vitriol was this:

“One commentator believes that if a bomb had detonated at the HICC we would have lost about all of our white species in Zimbabwe.”

“That would have been such a pity, wouldn’t it?”

What a disgusting use of sarcasm. When did it become permissible to not-so-subtly condone or give the written green light to the death of a race or ethnic group in Zimbabwe or anywhere else? How could someone say that and furthermore ink it into national press and circulation? And what lowly editor allows this kind of hate speech into their drivelling excuse for a paper?

In any other instance there would be an outcry over any ethnic group being deemed fit for extinction.

Let me break it down for you Tichaona, I was born in the Avenues Hospital, two blocks away from where I work, and moved to the UK in 2000 because my brother needed urgent cancer treatment. The UK is not my home, nor is Zimbabwe, I’m tired of borders and blind patriotism, you can have it. Call yourself what you will. White, black or green Zimbabwean. If, what is classified as ‘white Zimbabweans’ could or should be wiped out and would not be missed then that would mean that neither of my brothers would be missed. One of them works with illegal immigrants in the UK from all over the world and has an overwhelming passion for helping people who are in situations where they struggle to help themselves. The other has been organising community events in Harare and its outskirts for the last 7 years and is absolutely dedicated to enriching freedom for young black Zimbabweans, ensuring recognition for artists and breaking tension with laughter at the common jokes we share.

My father would not be missed either. He was the director of Zimbabwe Trust and co-creator of one of the most progressive sustainable development programmes in Zimbabwe’s history that is widely recognised and fondly spoken of to this day (CAMPFIRE). A programme that sought to empower rural communities and give them knowledge and ownership over their resources so they could be self-reliant. And, finally, my mother, who has worked with children with learning difficulties intermittently throughout her life, a career which began at St. Giles in Milton Park, Harare. She too would not be missed.

Tichaona, you should be fired, ashamed and stripped of any platforms to blurt out your tattered nonsense. What has hate speech done for the world? Think outside of your own warped cardboard box of a mind-set and open a history book. Stop acting like a child, words can pierce mindsets and children shouldn’t play with sharp objects.


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    Africanson 9 years ago

    “Words can pierce mindsets and children shouldn’t play with sharp objects”….great expression, I am impressed

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    Daniel 9 years ago

    Well said.With idiots like Tichaona its no wonder Zim cant forget and move on.

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    Umwrong 9 years ago

    If you’re interested, here is the original Herald article. Please, please do read the comments section. Rational-minded people abound calling a spade a racist spade.

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      The Herald will remain the herald until Zimbabwe is free. The easiest target are White people. This is the most revolting article in the Harald 34 years after so called independence. They use their fellow citizens to get back at the British. A lot of black people might not even like Adam’s music. I just hope that Zimbabweans white black and brown see that this is a Zanu thing.

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      Tawanda 9 years ago

      The comments have been deleted

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    Ephrain Gumbo 9 years ago

    The racism we experienced under white rule regardless of how you analyze it just wasn’t either fair or good and it was for this precise reason that I joined the liberation struggle. That being said, if we are now to behave like those white extremists and target minority groups simply because of the colour of their skin then we are also wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. For us to regain respect in the eyes of the international community we all need to clean up our act and start behaving properly. Respect people for who they are not the culture, colour, religion or background. Is this not we all fought for?

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      Ephrain Gumbo man I thinks you are a true VET. The true VETS fought for ideals. Every time you come on this forum I read what you say my brother.I hope some of the others that join us realize that you were not a terrorist but a fighter for liberation of all, blacks that they would be free, Whites could also be part of the country that they were born in. I know you have been talking about changing your party from within. Brother, the populace we fought for is being terrorized.We will be ok if people like you come out and speak.

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    vukani madoda 9 years ago

    This race card to cover up for shallow mindedness will not wash:as the saying goes you can fool some people all the time,all people some time ,but you will never fool everyone every time.The real bread and butter issues for Zimbabweans are about not having enough bread on the table,escalating and unrealistic utility bills not the least helped by rampant unchecked corruption even in public institutions perpetrated by thevery senior managers meant to look after the interests of the poor-tell us about that and we will be listening the whole-and please don’t bring petty politics to cover up for blatant theft!Who knows even if Brian Adam show tickets had been dshed out in Mbare for free-the seats would have remained empty!

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Thanks for the link above. I read the original article. Yes it is shockingly racist. Yes many Zimbabweans of different stripes have codemned it. Those who have benefited the most from the destruction of our country do seem harbor these type of views. It is well for us all to be exposed to their thinking.

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    Malcolm 9 years ago

    Help! I’m having an identity crisis, being white and not liking Bryan Adams!

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    murombo chikuve 9 years ago

    Shame on you Tichaona and your other Zanu PF bafoons. You are the reason Zimbabwe is dying a slow painful death. All you ever see is hatred. You shall all go to hell when your time comes and don’t expect to take the ill-gotten wealth with you since there is no indigenous bank or blood diamonds in hell.

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    John Weeks 9 years ago

    Lets not beat around the bush , reverse racism is and has been used and continues to be used in Zimbabwe. You are a racist and should be ashamed of yourself if you support Tichaona’s article. Get a life Tichaona and rest easy that while you constantly think about my white skin and the aggravation it gives you , I dont give you a single thought …

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    DubboZimbo 9 years ago

    Don’t worry I’m sure the audience loved the show, Brian Adams is still a great entertainer. Who even bothers to read the Herld anyway, it’s not a newspaper it’s a joke. I’m glad so many Zimbabweans commented on the poor excuse for a reporter. Maybe Zim will work once the people get rid of ZANU, Bob and the rest of his fan base.

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    Cde Chooks 9 years ago

    Well said Mr Munro!