Young people can create a better Zim

via Young people can create a better Zim | The Zimbabwean 17.12.13 by Mxolisi Ncube

The Youth Chapter is imploring young people in Zimbabwe to take charge of their country next year. MXOLISI NCUBE met the pressure group’s president Butholezwe Nyathi.

“Young people should rise up in 2014 and demand the values of accountability, transparency and servant leadership. – Butholezwe Nyathi.

TYC was formed by mostly Zimbabwean young people and aims to establish a changed African order, in which young people and the masses take control of the continent’s political, governance, economic and social activities.

With President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party having retained power in this year’s elections, some projections are that the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe might worsen, but TYC said this week this could change if young people opposed this in the coming year and beyond.

“Zimbabwe has a long history of authoritarian governments, dating back to colonial times and, while Robert Mugabe and his cronies promised a new era of democracy, that has not happened,” said TYC president Butholezwe Nyathi.

“They have raped the country to near-death in order to serve their own tiny clique of fattened and gluttonous Zanoids. They have no qualms in driving their posh cars over pot-holed roads and sending their children to overseas universities, while the ordinary people bear the brunt of poverty and xenophobia in foreign lands.”

TYC rapped the country’s controversial indigenisation laws, adding to widely held criticism that this was just another Zanu (PF) way of trying to enrich Mugabe’s inner-circle.

“Zimbabwean political leaders across the spectrum now think they are gods to whom we must bow down and worship. They engage in brazen corruption and get rich overnight. They even have the nerve to insist that they must stay in office forever and that we must be grateful for that. This is the time for youth to change that,” said Nyathi.

“Young people should rise up in 2014 and demand the values of accountability, transparency and servant leadership. We should reject politicians of all persuasions who believe they have a god-given right to power and positions.

“Politicians are nothing more than citizens chosen by other citizens to serve for as long as the people want them. When people want them out, they should go. TYC will fight relentlessly for a Zimbabwe where people rule and 2014 will be the time things changed. The time is nigh for young people to make sure that leaders walk the talk of democracy and provide good governance for sustainable democracy.



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    The Youth should rise up and form there own political party. Imagine both the so called MDC and Zanu youth and other youths all united with the sole aim to make their future brighter. I bet that even the elders will support them because what future are those greedy polticians fighting for when they have non. As early as tomorrow if the youths could unite and form a party, you could achieve literally anything you want including the tyranny that’s ruling us at the moment. Food for thought!

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    Hondokosi Mafingeenyi 8 years ago

    I agree that there are too many of us informed Zimbabweans sitting on the fence and hoping that what we desire will come to us without our active participation to ensure that this happens!

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    Chris 8 years ago

    the youth have knowledge ,skill and vision but majority we do not have finance. so forming a political party bad idea but why not get a department in the same govt to assist the youth in building the nation.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    It is about time the youth realised the old ones are tired now and have passed the baton on. Take charge now and you have my blessings my children.

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    In South Africa the youth of 1976 proved a point , fighting for their rights , we have got a well advanced youth in our country , yes the boys are girls can do it , i am excited about this .

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    ita true us youth can build a better zimbabwe

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    Simba 8 years ago

    We all know why uprising would not change anything. Zanu PF rule by fear, they would eliminate any leaders of such movement as they would be regarded as trouble makers.

    I am 33 years of age and grew up in Zengeza, we had a young guy who was very active supporting MDC, everybody knew him and what he stood for. Guess what, one day he disappeared and never came back. Fortunately he is alive to tell the story as he seeked asylum abroad. He said he was picked up by the special forces, beaten up for weeks and dumped in the middle of Hwange National Park.

    Our disgruntled parents are aware of how evil these guys could be thus they don’t dare to protest.

    If we want to do this then we have to do it as a nation not just the youth. Their leaders would vanish. Vakuru monotyei