Youths promised projects after Mugabe bash

via Youths promised projects after Mugabe bash – DailyNews Live by Letwin Myambayo  22 JANUARY 2014 

Zanu PF has promised youths more projects  in line with ZimAsset to commence after President Robert Mugabe’s 90th birthday bash.

Khumbulani Mpofu, the chairperson of the Zanu PF Bulawayo Province Youth League, told the Daily News that more projects to benefit youths were in the pipeline.

“We are identifying youths who can start different projects in line with ZimAsset as it is still in our mandate that youths be taught indigenisation.

“Our youths are not conversant with indigenisation but after the 21st February Movement birthday celebrations we will unfurl more projects for them so that they learn,” Mpofu said.

He said through the projects, the party seeks to mobilise as many youths as they can ahead of the 2018 elections.

“We want to instil a sense of innovation, dynamism and universality to the youths so that they do not only wish to get employed but understand that small projects can sustain them,” he said.

“This we will do by grouping them in small numbers avail funds and resources to them through our financial centres like CABS and CBZ.”

He said prior to that, they want to hold capacity building workshops aimed at educating the youths on business management as most initiate projects when they are not well conversant.

Speaking on the 21st February Movement, Mpofu said plans for the event, which is slated for March 1, are at an advanced stage and the national committee has already been set.

“This year’s planning is centralised, meaning every province has a part to play. We are having a national fundraising dinner on February 7 and after the dinner, another provincial fund- raiser.

So far, as a province, Bulawayo is in the process of identifying 10 schoolchildren who will participate in collaboration with the ministry of Education,” Mpofu said.

Established in 1986, the 21st February Movement is an idea of the Zanu PF youth so that they emulate the character of Mugabe.

It is the first project that they work on every year.



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    Emulate mugabe?? I sincerely hope not. The man is a criminal.

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    And they will lap up this BS from him. There is no money due to the illegal sanctions on zimbabwe.

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    Mr Mpofu you are raising issues which failed in the early eighties when this country was financially strong and respected internationally.What you are suggesting are co-operatives which failed due to greediness among the participants.What really happens with these co-operatives is that the clever members steal the money from the rest of the members.What skill do you have to lead others on employment generation? We need to create real jobs not informal trading which has failed the government in the form of tax revenues.

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    More empty promises

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    Free handouts for the zanoid unemployable

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    Zanu is just looking for free manpower to do the donkey work for them! Its a pity , those youths are vulnerable, they take every thing hoping to get help which Mpofu knows very well will not come. Soon after the rally he will disappear only to resurface when he needs people to use.

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    Why wait for the 21st Movement? Ivo vanhu kupusa. Hamusati maneta nekushandiswaka. If there is a truth in it, why not start now and use the day to tell the people what you have done and what you want to achieve. Stop cheating people.

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    jesse 7 years ago

    its always easy to manipulate and control poor individuals who dont stand for anything & in return they fall for everything..what a damn shame ..they have been told the same lie for 34years some people stupidity seems to be a natural talent