Youths want businesses

via Youths want businesses | The Zimbabwean by Regerai Tututuku

Hundreds of Zanu (PF) youths last week demonstrated here to demand claims to businesses perceived to be owned by Zimbabweans of foreign ancestry.

The placard-waving youths moved along the streets and gathered at John Lambat’s premises, demanding that he hand-over some of his buildings. Visibly drunk and rowdy, the youths clad in party regalia threatened to assault a businessman of Indian descent and demanded that he be deported.

“This man owns a lot of properties in Masvingo and we are saying he should give us some these properties so that we can start businesses,” said one of the youths. “We voted for Zanu (PF) and won, therefore it is time for us to repossess some of these buildings that were taken from our forefathers.”

Fear and uncertainty has gripped the business community in Masvingo.

“We are living in fear because we do not know what is going to happen to us and our property”, said a white businessman. “We cannot just surrender our properties to people we do not know. If these youths need buildings they should just approach us in a good manner.”

Lovemore Matuke, the Zanu (PF) provincial chairman for Masvingo, dissociated his party and himself from the demonstrators.

“We are not aware of such a demonstration and we do not condone violence,” he said.

Zimbabwe desperately needs foreign direct investment as towns and cities are on the verge of collapse.



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    Ha Ha I always love it when Zanu folk say “We do not condone violence” and how could drunk Zanu cannon fodder think they can take what their bosses want? Is it not strange not one of these people want to build or create business, it always take take take

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    michael 9 years ago

    Typical ignorant idle Zanu-PF mentality, always want something for nothing. Take, steal, forced acquisition, farm invasion, indigenisation, diamond theft, rape, pillage and murder or whatever just so that you get something for nothing. Try hard work, you never know you might like it.

    Don’t you just love this intellectually defiant statement: “it is time for us to repossess some of these buildings that were taken from our forefathers.”

    Our forefathers built Great Zimbabwe, that’s all, everything else has been built by the colonial settlers and other hard workers and business people since that time. So therefore NO buildings or properties were ever taken from anyone, indigenous or otherwise.

    One has to feel pity for such stupid people, who will gulp down Mugabe’s distorted and racially inflammatory rhetoric like eating a mealie.

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    Jesse 7 years ago

    black African shona stupidity @ its best