Zambian Mining decision poses threat to Mana Pools

via Zambezi Traveller Blogspot: Minister gives green light for Kangaluwi Copper Project in Lower Zambezi National Park

[Conservation opinion leadership requested here…Mana Pools within the UNESCO World Heritage Site and larger UNESCO Biosphere Reserve could be directly affected by mining in the Lower Zambezi National Park]


Minister gives green light for Kangaluwi Copper Project in Lower Zambezi National Park

Zambezi Resources Ltd announced recently that Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister Larry Kalaba has overturned the Zambia Environmental Management Agency’s rejection of its Environmental Impact Study and given the green light for Zambezi Resources Ltd to proceed with the Kangaluwi Copper Project in Zambia. The Park was being considered as a potential World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In a letter dated January 17, 2014, addressed to Mwembeshi Resources Managing Director, Kalaba stated that he had carefully considered the submitted grounds of appeal against ZEMA’s rejection.

“I have also carefully considered each and every ground of rejection given by the ZEMA board. In exercise of powers conferred on me by section 115 subsections 1, 2 and 3 of the environmental management Act, I have decided to approve the project on the following grounds,” Kalaba stated. “Firstly, the project should go ahead because it will eventually create employment for ordinary people in the area. Secondly, there are currently available cost-effective technologies and methods to adequately address all the identified negative impacts that may arise from this project and lastly, wildlife management in the area will be enhanced and conserved by the proposed managed scheme contained in your submissions. By copy of this letter…liaise with ZEMA for them to issue a decision letter with all the appropriate conditions under which the project will operate.”

Zambezi Resources Chairman, Mr David Vilensky welcomed the Zambian Government’s decision, complimenting the Zambian Government in allowing the Kangaluwi Copper Project to proceed within the National Park as part of its revised Mineral Resources Development Policy which seeks to strike a fair balance between the benefits of mining and the protection of the environment and wildlife conservation, provided its policies and laws are respected and adhered to and such investments will create employment opportunities for ordinary Zambians.

However in 2008, Chieftainess Chiawa (Chiawa/Kafue) Chiefs Chipepo, Simamba, Sinadambwe (of Siavonga district), and Chiefs Mupuka and Mburuma (Luangwa) had met and issued an historic statement against mining for 17 chiefdoms covering the whole Zambezi system.



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    And Russian mafia outfit with links to the global criminal underworld. The minister would have been bribed handsomely as in andola drc equatorial guinea etccccc

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    Person 8 years ago

    These greedy ministers all they want is more money more bribes… its some kind of god complex they makes them go yes I will overturn and destroy there own country.
    The environmental impact will be huge…and for someone not to understand this simply has little or no intelligence. A few brain cells that can only think of money…. people like this will destroy the world.

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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    No doubt about that! What a disaster that, almost without fail, African politicians will put their wallet before their country, it’s wildlife resources or the eventual consequence of their actions. Most are no better than parasites in their own countries. Damn them to hell.

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    David Jingura 8 years ago

    We need to know the negative impacts as highlighted in the Environmental impact assessment(EIA) report and the proposed mitigation measures as well as the Environmental management plan (EMP) before we can comment.
    However the position of the local traditional leadership is worth heeding irregardless of the powers vested in the Minister under section 115 sub sections 1,2 and 3 of the EMA act.

    All I know for sure is that the animals wont be impressed.

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    I hope this wont affect the Cabora Basa hydro-generation system due to long term soil erosion.If this happens there would be a regional conflict.When we opened our safety water gates at the Kariba dam the Tete region experienced some flooding.The game will definitely be affected by mining noise caused by blasting and heavy machinery.