Zanu-PF blames MDC as 2.2m face hunger

via Zanu-PF blames MDC as 2.2m face hunger | News24 2013-10-09

At least 2.2 million Zimbabweans will need food assistance early next year, according to a report released by the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee.

The committee also revealed that 1.5 million people were food insecure, Herald said on Wednesday.

President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party blames the country’s poor harvests on the former minister of finance Tendai Biti who they accuse of starving the farming sector of funds during his tenure.

Biti from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change was the minister of finance in the inclusive government which ended after Zanu-PF “resoundingly” won the 31 July elections.

The funding woes were compounded by poor rains received in some parts of the country, the report said.

Once regarded the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe started experiencing serious food deficits over a decade ago after Mugabe’s government embarked on a violent land reform programme.

At least 4 000 white commercial farmers were evicted from their farms.



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    Fallenz 11 years ago

    Tell a big enough lie loud enough and long enough, and you’ll eventually find someone uninformed willing to believe it.

    ZANUPF needs to stop spending so much time with their adolescent propaganda, and get busy learning to govern. If a people are not allowed to prosper, the government will soon run out of funds with which to line their own pockets, and there’s nothing left to steal. It’s the most basic of economic principles. Unfortunately for the nation, ZANUPF just doesn’t get it.

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      Scholar Tyler 11 years ago

      Hi i am a scholar in kansas looking for research on the zimbabwe situation. I am currently interested in joining the peace corps or some other organization to help the efforts. In my research i have kept running into arguments for and agianst Mugabe. My question is who is he and what is going on in zimbabwe. I am looking for a little clarity on who he is. Is he this Evil corrput guy or is he fighting for the people.

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        L. Nyati 11 years ago

        Scholar Tyler, my advice for you is that get cameras/smart phone and fly to Zimbabwe using SA Airways and please do not speak your mind while there and especially with strangers as some will be Mugabe’s bootleakers. Just ask open ended questions as just someone wanting to know or for you to make maximum gains look for Zanu-PF and Mugabe’s party regalia as no one will beat you up or suspect you though the generally peaceful loving Zimbabweans and MDC supporters tend to be non violent. Don’t show them your real views and intentions, just ask open ended questions as one wishing to get things from the horses mouths!!

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    Zeezee 11 years ago

    First they blamed the West. Then they blamed all the whites who they evicted off farms and were forced to leave Zim and now they are blaming the MDC. When will the blame ever stop? Come on ZANU PF you are the ones to blame for the F%^&*() situation that Zimbabwe is now in!

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      The Black Aristocrat 11 years ago

      People who have nothing to offer ALWAYS blame others for their own shortcomings AND Failings.

      They always have 50 reasons why failure to deliver could’t possibly be their fault.

      Companies run by management like this ALWAYS go bankrupt. So it should come as no surprise that Mugabe bankrupted Zimbabwe.

      The Zanu PF Mafia State known as Zimbabwe is so corrupt, misgoverned and run down, it would take decades of huge investment and good governance to make any discernible difference to the lives of the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans.

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    BVARU BVARU 11 years ago

    ndine mubvunzoo wekuti ko imo muzimbabwe munongova naMugabe nevanhu vasinga chinji makaita sei plus after failling for 33 years aakuzogona nekuti paanatsvangirai asi akasiya nyika ichipinda mumadhaka ko macevil sevants zvamunoti tiwedzerei mari ko vana vakatadza kudzidza negukurahundi vachaiwanepi mari zvayava kudyiwa nemacivil servants .lndiginisation and empowerment yacho hatiioni vanhu vari kufa nenzara asi madiamonds ari kucherwa every dae why not giving every zimbabwean a bank alc for diamonds so that we share equally the rich and the poor saka u a failing to emplement your words .gore richashaikwa vakarwa hondo muzim tichabudirira becaz this time vachambofadza mhuri dzavo vamwe vachafara kana ivo vafa nekuti panenge pasisina udzinyiriri mumajere nemagariro evanhu ekuti murombo is always wrong asi kungwarira kutuka britain neamerica instead kufunga kuti nyika yisimuks sei more fact come to me l can tell u more about kukara kwezanu.

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    Hie.i had taken a sabbatical leace from commenting ZANU madness theories.When Dennis Norman was Agic Minister, even the communal farmers were supported through cattle herd building schemes by AFC, now Agribank.Then came Witness Mangwende, he didn’t do badly as he inherited a laid down structure.Then come in bla Kangai, you know the story .GMB went broke and no one was arrested.Then come Joseph Made.He is a comedian really, unfortunately you don’t have to play drama with people’s stomachs.He said in early 2000 that there was enough food for the next 3 years as he took a survey in a helicopter.God forbid.
    As long as ZANU PF remains making policies and policies we are getting nowhere.Remember the communist thrived on propaganda but do not play foolish games with the food of the people, health and all necessities..I just wish one day someone in ZANU will tell othersto be serious.Since the people voted for you overwhelmingly,you must start the blame game and work on your promises

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    Is ZANU-PF responsible for anything?

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      Rudadiso 11 years ago

      Yes DL, Zanu P.F. is responsible for looting, hunger, disease, death, destruction, potholes, 85% unemployment. Now, that is being hugely responsible wouldn’t you say?

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        You are correct, of course, but they will never admit to that. The party of denial.

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    Tony Pajamas 11 years ago

    ZanuPF are a sad, sick joke but it’s not laughable cos it’s so serious…..

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    Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

    Zanu PF is good at finger pointing and always looking for blame for problems they created. Where would Biti get the money? Was he not calling for the gvt to ensure the diamond money was given to treasury? Was it not Zanu PF that has been responsible for the thousands and thousands of ghost workers in the civil service?

    You are in power and just go head-on and solve these problems. We are sick and tired of this blame game. You will soon be blaming the British and the west for food shortages in Zimbabwe, – the Sanction rhetoric. Please self-introspect and work your way out of the situation. Since 2000, after the land invasion the food security situation was severely compromised and people in the rural areas have largely been surviving on food handouts. Land re-distribution as a principle was never bad, but it is the execution that has caused the chronic food insecurity in the country.

    It’s time you wake up and pull your balls and face the music. The UNWFP food handouts have been the main sourcce of food for the bulk of the rural population. It’s only recently that UNWFP has diversified and brought in CASH Tranfers to support the food insecure. Put the land you grabbed to proper use and not just turn them into family burial grounds. Change your attitudes, enerstly consult with the people and the technocrats for solutions.

    Accept your shortcomings and refocus. Otherwise the real chimurenga for land is looming. Land distributed on partisan lines is a simmering cause for yet another chimurenga – a real one for that matter. Wait and see it’s coming – it’s a question of time. Some of you are mutliple farm owners and have even reserved some land for grand kids to be born in 20 yrs to come, but mark my words, the land belongs to us all.

    And so get your asses up and give the people what you promised. All opposition parties are out of the picture, the game is yours ZANU PF.

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    Doris 11 years ago

    Were the MDC in power in 2000?

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

      @Dorris, check the context in which the year 2000 has been referenced

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    Nehoreka 11 years ago

    what is the reason for building a 98 000000 dollar defence college when pple are drinking sewage water. just asking

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    Shakeskie 11 years ago

    Zanu was in power for the past 33yrs n is still on e steering n always with their blame games they must stop pointing fingers and take responsibilities and make up for the people they say our people.On the other hand i will support it if they change the face of zanu pf with young generations who understand and takes great care of people than those who care for themselves gud luck vanu vezimbabwe yezanu isutichagara kuno kwatiri tichifumisa nyika dzevamwe

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    todii zvazvo 11 years ago

    According to my analysis the food situation improved during the tenure of Biti and his MDC running the finacial portfolio, if people can remember that in 2008 food was scarce,we had to import everything from sa,botswan,zambia etc.
    now zanu is back in power things are said to start going heywire,price increases are now creeping in,beer for e.g,the food basket is said to have increased,Lets wait till dec we will see inflation getting out off control

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    gorongoza 11 years ago

    There has always been a food shortage in Zimbabwe. We have been getting maize form Zambia for quiet a while now. Maize farms have largely been turned into tobacco farms. Even if Biti had out more money in Agric (if it was there), the majority of it would have still gone to tobacco and little towards food security. The price of maize is not attractive with the farmers. GMB and Made have always been bungling this. The govt cant buy produce at a price attractive or profitable to the thae farmer uses his land and resoiurces in crops that give him better rewards. is that so difficult to understand nhai Zanu? Communal and small holder farmers have always provided close to 50% of the maize produce since Smith’s days, but they have all lost government support. Tiri kuzvisupporter isu takatora mafarm makuru, isu machef…from Gideon’s farm mechanisation to date…tinongoba zvedu isu even zvishoma zviripo. Stop blaming MDC or Biti. This has always been bungled since land reform. humbavha ne Ndoganisation ndiyo problem.

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    No more talk. Gadafi style decapitation

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    Rocks tone 11 years ago

    Zvakumbodao. Al-shabaab style izvi nekuti it’s now too much