ZANU PF priorities on show as Mugabe’s office allocated over $200 million

via ZANU PF priorities on show as Mugabe’s office allocated over $200 million | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Friday, January 17, 2014

ZANU PF’s priorities have been reflected in the national budget allocations, with over $200 million being set aside for Robert Mugabe’s office.

According to a Government Gazette outlining the budget allocations by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, the Office of the President was allocated $206 million, which is 5,6% of the total US$3.6 billion budget allocation.

This is about six times what Mugabe’s office was allocated by former Finance Minister Tendai Biti in the 2013 budget, who only allocated $36.3 million.

Departments that fall under the Office of the President include the offices of the vice-presidents, ministers of state and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

The allocation has come as a surprise to many, with significant budget cuts being
felt across most Zim government ministries. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce for example has only been allocated $7.4 million, which Minister Mike Bimha has said will only pay for the day to day running of his ministry and nothing else.

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs secretary Virginia Mabhiza told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs this week that the Ministry had requested $279 million but was allocated only $108 million.

At the same time, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) have not featured in the budget allocations at all.

Economic analyst Masimba Kuchera told SW Radio Africa that the budget allocations are “a clear reflection of this government’s priorities and how the government intends to run things.”

“It is a reflection on how the government intends to pamper the President’s office. It could also be a sign that he (Mugabe) will be engaged in more foreign travel, and this budget means he won’t be restricted,” Kuchera said.

He added: “The allocations are out of line with what people had expected and hoped. Some of that money could be better used in other areas, like education or health or social services.”




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    They need money for the CIO and their spying operations on the people of Zimbabwe. Then there is the issue of foreign travel for Nugabe and his cronies plus enough for pilfering. .

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    A special judgment for those who trample on the heads of the poor!! God is watching and He will not be mocked!

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    Mena Bona 9 years ago

    Once thiefs always thiefs. This is how they started and they will continue until ZANU PF is boycotted by surrounding countries, but the only one that does not admire the theft and has the balls is Botswana. Poor bleeding Africa.

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      chokwadi chinorwadza 9 years ago

      Just what is wrong with us Zimbabweans..u speak of other countries boycotting nd doing the dirty work..dream on..We shud b demonstrating and violently pushing out the idiots ourselfs..zimbabweansr a bunch of spoiled brats

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    tafadzwa maguta 9 years ago

    chinamasa was prophetic,the president will seek medical help more than ever this year,and if the worst come to the worst,they will use the funds to upgrade the heroes acre,to befit his burial and foreign diginitaries who bid him farewell,if ever,they will come,kkkkk.zim zim,zim,wonders never cease.

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      MikeH 9 years ago

      “the worst come to the worst” can’t come fast enough, and it’s when not if. That is if it hasn’t already arrived and mugabe is in fact dead.

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    chikhangalapfula moses shoko. 9 years ago

    if, other industries, are getting, cuts, the president’s office, gets,budget increase. nothing wrong with thats, but, every one should be looked the same.
    tell me, 2013, was a good year as it was, then, its value for money for president’s office to get such a huge budget increase,2013 $36.6million. 2014$200million.
    so, how come you are suggesting budget cuts to, other industries?
    however,lets, hope, the president’s office, is going or will give us, value for money this, year2014, i mean,{ $200million,} thats a huge budget.
    your, excellency, your majesty,you honour, i am very thrilled, with overall, out,come and progress, our country, is been enjoying, for the past few years, lets, keep the momentum.

    last but not least, its,due, time our people, our, country,
    enjoys the milk and honey.

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    Danai Magidhi 9 years ago

    The ZANU PF cronies have never the of Zimbabwe’s needs as a priority