Zanu PF revels on MDC-T split

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zanu PF revels on MDC-T split 30 April 2014

Zanu PF deputy director for information Psychology Maziwisa says the suspension of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai at the weekend by the Tendai Biti led faction shows that the former Prime Minister has been abandoned by his western backers.

“There are two very basic observations that can be drawn from the on-going MDC circus. The first is that the very people who created Morgan Tsvangirai are out to destroy him because they believe he is no longer capable of advancing the regime change project in Zimbabwe- having failed not once, not twice but more than three times,” Maziwisa said.

“And so they have connived with the so-called renewal team, who should not at all be seen as the engineers of this coup but mere fronts, to overthrow poor Tsvangirai.”

Maziwisa said Tsvangirai’s snub was evident when his, “Independence Day message a week or so ago, for instance, was only covered by a discredited online newspaper, Nehanda Radio- as opposed to the news of his suspension which was swiftly covered by the BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Bloomberg, SABC, the Telegraph, the Guardian, BellingHam Herald, Eye Witness etc.

“The second observation is that this circus has demonstrated to the people of Zimbabwe that not only does the MDC lack the policies needed to improve the welfare of the Zimbabwean people, they lack the unity of purpose and cohesion needed to win elections in Zimbabwe especially against a party like ZANU PF with unity as part of its founding values,” Maziwisa said.

“At the end of it all, there is only one conclusion to be drawn from all this: and that is that, at least for the next 100 years, the Zimbabwean political landscape will be dominated by one party and that party is Zanu PF.”



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    Once, an old man was very ill and lay dying in his bed. He had four sons who were al­ways fighting with each other. He always worried about them and wanted to teach them a lesson and asked his sons to come to him. When they came, the old man gave them a bundle of sticks and said, “Can you break these sticks?”
    The first son tried to break the bundle but nothing hap­pened. He tried very hard and finally gave up. Then it was the turn of the second son to try his luck. He thought it would be an easy task and picked up the sticks easily. He tried his best to break the sticks but nothing happened. Then, the third son tried to break the bundle of sticks, but he couldn’t do anything either.
    Meanwhile, the youngest son jeered at his brothers and thought they were very incom­petent. He thought he was very clever and took one stick at a time and easily broke all of them.
    The old father then smiled at his sons and said, “Children, do you understand what hap­pened? It is always easy to break the sticks one by one. But when they are bundled to‑ gether, none of you could break them. In the same way. you four brothers should always be together. No one will be able to hurt you then.” The four brothers realised what their father was trying to teach them and forgot all their enmity and learnt that unity is strength.
    From that day onwards, they never fought with each other and lived together in peace and harmony.

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    Mazeeweeeza is a zanu dodi. He talks rubbish every time his lips move

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    Michael Saruchera 10 years ago

    Cock sucking Maziwisa. Homosexuality is rife in Zanu Pf.No wonder your parents gave you such a stupid name PSYCHOLOGY maybe your young brother is Sociology, your big sister Geography Maziwisa.

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    A foolish young man supporting Zanu. What a disgrace!!

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    tsvangirai was victorious in the previous election.but the rigging and the uselessness of the SADC( a representation of african leaders) and the ruthlessness of mugabe and his cronies make mugabe grip to power.the professors welshman ncube arthur mutambara are doing nothing for the zimbabweans. job sikhala did the same .tendai mangoma can form a party but will get 2 percent of the votes .morgan with his charisma had and will still win the votes of the majority.the only opposition i know in zim is MDC T so far

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    Psycho Maziwisa thinks he has spoken and I guess wants a standing ovation. Fat chance. I may not have much faith in Zim opposition but I give them more credit than I ever could ZPF

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    nyoni 10 years ago

    The biggest headache we have in Zimbabwe besides big headed loud mouthing politicians is people who can not take Criticism. One such idiot sits on a throne and looks a puppet from the popular TV series THUNDERBIRDS. You That have seen this series can guess the character. The only problem is that this idiot who sits on his glass throne is not so popular. So hows that for CRITICISM BOB.

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    Straight Shooter 10 years ago

    There is no unity in ZANU PF. That is a lie. ZANU PF survives on threats; cronysm – why do you think they cant deal with corruption within their ranks? Its simple; all you need is to grovel and shout support for Mugabe after which you now have a licence to loot unimpeded!