Zanu PF sets up orientation programme for youths Live

via Zanu PF sets up orientation programme for youths – DailyNews Live by Letwin Nyambayo  23 FEBRUARY 2014

Zanu PF has set up a Youth Orientation Programme here with a purpose to benefit youth with employment opportunities and teach them “patriotism”.

Party youths and other interested individuals are expected to attend lessons at the party’s headquarters every Thursday.

The youths are taught lessons on patriotism, democracy and the party’s achievements among others.

Through the programme, youths can leave their Curriculum Vitae and applications with the Zanu PF committee who will then liaise with different organisations to get jobs for them.

Lucky youths will then be offered job opportunities.

The job opportunities are nevertheless availed to those who attend the meetings.

The Daily News crew attended one of the meetings and one of the party officials was however, cited saying youths should not attend the meeting for jobs or money.

“Do not come to Zanu PF for money or jobs, so that you blame us when it does not happen. Zanu PF is your life, it is Zimbabwe and it is your everything,”

Tinashe Wamambo the Zanu PF youth chairperson for Emganwini central said.

In an interview on the sidelines of the workshop, Wamambo said the party’s aim is to teach youths about Zimbabwe so they are up to date with every issue in the country.

“We want to lead our youths by example as a party. We have since realised that the opposition MDC cannot help since they are always fighting,” he said.

Wamambo said the party’s aim is to teach the youth to continue supporting President Robert Mugabe.

“It is every person’s responsibility to know that sanctions should be removed totally, however, the European Union should not think that leaving our president on the sanctions list will stop us from supporting him,” he said.

He said the EU should know that God will remove the sanctions at his time.

“Since the formation of MDC-T we had no rains but when people voted for Zanu PF — God blessed us with the rains,” he said.

Stephen Maparuka, the second in command for the Zanu PF Bulawayo Province Youth League, said through the youth orientation programme, Zanu PF seeks to teach the youth national affairs in a bid to make them patriotic and loyal to the country.

“The programme is open to every Zimbabwean youth and those with qualifications will get job opportunities,” he said.

In its manifesto, Zanu PF promised to create 2 million jobs in the next five years as part of an economic growth initiative based on the economic empowerment and indigenisation drive.


  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Mai were, MaBoarder Gezi zvakare. I really feel sorry for the youth being mislead by these fraudsters. Join these programs at your peril. You will be wasting your life for nothing. Better boarder jumping.

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 9 years ago

    corruption! why would someone be employed on basis of being oriented by Zanu iye asina chikoro?…and someone saying we have not had rains since 1999? really? unongoona kuti njere chaidzo hamuna…brainwashed (literally!)

  • comment-avatar
    Chanhuhwa Chidembo 9 years ago

    You dont need to Lecture people about your achievements, people should just see them. Democracy is a principle that manifests intself when exercised. Maybe partisanship, that you teach or else whip them into your line of thinking. The fact is single Zimbabwean hates this country of ours thats why people complain when you mismanage it. That shows people are conrnced about the country they love. People hate people who destroy the country they love and cherish so much. Its not the youth who need to be taught patriotism, but the corrupts goons.

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 9 years ago

    This is creating a state for war , forcing fellow zimbabweans to hate each other, nothing more nothing less, this is the reason for all zimbabweans of humanity to mobilise against this dictator and his loony crew

  • comment-avatar
    Daddy Chikos 8 years ago

    It’s a sign that there is bankruptcy of ideas. You want to create death squads by offering crumbs of bread. We want programmes which can move the country forwad.