ZANU PF stalwart Nathan Shamuyarira dies at 85

via ZANU PF stalwart Nathan Shamuyarira dies at 85 | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Thursday, June 5, 2014

Former cabinet minister and veteran nationalist Nathan Shamuyarira died in Harare on Wednesday night.

The 85-year-old former ZANU PF MP and politburo member had been seriously ill. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa confirmed to the state media that he had been in and out of hospital for some time.

Last week President Robert Mugabe visited Shamuyarira at Harare’s West End hospital, where he was on life-support in the intensive care unit.

Shamuyarira retired from civil service in 2000, indicating that he would spend his time working on party business. But as his health deteriorated he quit active politics in 2010 to put together a book on the liberation struggle, especially the role played Mugabe during the bush war.

During his long political career, Shamuyarira formed and worked for parties like FROLIZI, ANC, UNDP, ZANU, ZAPU and ZANU PF.

Although generally viewed as a moderate and laid back politician, Shamuyarira courted controversy in 2006 when appeared to criticise Mugabe and the late cabinet minister Eddison Zvobgo for apologising for the 1980 Gukurahundi massacres by the North Korean trained 5th Brigade.

He went on to say: “The actions of the North Korea-trained Five Brigade that killed around 3000 civilians and militants in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces during political disturbances in the 1980s were not regrettable as [the Five Brigade was] doing a job to protect the people. It was because the dissidents were killing people, that Gukurahundi went to correct the situation and protect the people.”

Shamuyarira was born in 1929 and went to school at the Waddilove Institute. He qualified as a primary teacher and taught at various primary schools until 1953 when he joined the world of journalism. He got a job as a junior reporter with African Newspapers Limited and rose through the ranks to become the first black African editor of the Daily News in 1956.

A brief biography of him in the Herald on Thursday says he left journalism in 1962 to join ZAPU at the invitation of the late national icon, Dr Samuel Parirenyatwa.

In 1963 he left ZAPU to form ZANU, and in September of the following year left Southern Rhodesia to study Political Science at Princeton University in the United States – graduating in 1967. He then worked as a lecturer at the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, where he doubled up as ZANU’s secretary for external affairs. In 1980 he joined government as the first minister of information. He also served as Foreign Affairs Minister before his retirement.

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, a veteran journalist and Newsday features and supplements editor, wrote on her Facebook page that Shamuyarira was like a father figure during her early years in journalism as an information officer with the Ministry of Information.

‘May his soul rest in peace. We have a lost a great man…He was the only minister of information in post independence who was revered and respected both locally and internationally,’ said Mapimhidze.



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    Chaka 10 years ago

    Obviously a Hero’s Acre graduate

  • comment-avatar
    DubboZimbo 10 years ago

    Good riddance I hope the slaughtered Matebele are their to welcome him to the after life. How you you explain killing civilians as protecting the nation, idiot. One more dead CT.

    • comment-avatar
      Straight Shooter 10 years ago

      Stop insulting Mthwakazi people.

      Abathwakazi who died at the hands of this gukurahundi are in Heaven. This gukurahundi has gone straight to hell.

      Mthwakazi is in no mood to welcome gukurahundi filth!!!

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    Senzachena 10 years ago

    There is a God, one less to worry about! Hopefully he suffered as much as so many of the victims of ZANU PF have suffered!

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 10 years ago

    As for Nathan Shamuyarira, its good news and good riddance. He gives the Zezuru a bad name.

    How can a normal person; a normal human being claim Gukurahundi was all ok, all fine, and he has no regrets whatsoever? I hope is gone straight to the burning fires of hell and is in good company with the ever enduring Lucifer!!

    How does one find ok to rip open a pregnant woman’s stomach in order to get rid of a dissident foetus?

    How does a normal person find it ok to demand that innocent villagers dig up their own graves and get inside so they can be buried alive?

    How does a normal human being find it normal to demand, at gun point that innocent villagers speak and sing in Shona; a language they never knew or had ever spoken in their whole lives?

    How does he explain the huge number of villagers who were killed throughout the those years, versus the tiny number of the so-called dissidents killed; and even worse the tiny number of so-called dissidents who eventually surrendered at the end of the exercise in 1987 – proving beyond reasonable doubt that the overkill efforts had other ulterior motives other than the officially stated ones?

    How does one explain how all this has to do with eliminating the dissident problem? Or could it be the whole exercise was never about dissidents in the first place, it was always a long-planned programme to Shonalise the region of Matebeleland – typical Rwanda-style ethnic cleaning!!!

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    Cde Chooks 10 years ago

    Satan claims another one of his children.

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    Another one bites the dust!! Paying attention BOB??

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    Angela Wigmore 10 years ago

    @ Cde Chooks and RR: Well said! I hope all his bad deeds came back to haunt him as he was dying. Heroes Acre wont absolve his guilt.

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    munzwa 10 years ago

    another one down, not many more to go…

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    Will the Doctor 10 years ago

    Good riddance.