Zanu PF superior to govt: Gumbo

via Zanu PF superior to govt: Gumbo – DailyNews Live by Mugove Tafirnyika  8 DECEMBER 2013 

Zanu PF says its activities including fundraising for its forthcoming annual national conference are more important than government programmes.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday after last week’s politburo meeting to receive reports on the party’s recently concluded provincial polls, party spokesman Rugare Gumbo said those who felt that by devoting much of its energy on raising the $300 million required for its conference the party was misplacing priorities, were misguided.

Critics have questioned why the ruling party was putting emphasis on fundraising for its conference at a time the country was bankrupt and even failing to come up with a national budget as well as remunerating civil servants well.

However, Gumbo said the conference was a party constitutional requirement which comes before all else and cannot be forgone for whatever reason.

“The party is superior to government and individuals. Our national conference is an annual event which we have to undertake and that needs funding. It is unfair to say our priorities are misplaced because the national economy will be taken care of by our economic blueprint ZimAsset, so we have that liberty to fundraise for the party’s programme,” said Gumbo.

Gumbo said the politburo had unanimously resolved to uphold the outcome of the hotly contested internal polls, not withstanding the myriad of challenges that characterised them.

He added that the provincial elections supervisors had told the party’s highest decision-making body outside congress that contrary to press reports of violence, the elections were generally peaceful save for minor skirmishes in some parts of the country.

“Reports of violence were a product of sensational journalism because what we heard from our team leaders was that there were minor skirmishes that are normal in any organisation as big as ours.

“Whenever there is a contest, losers will always cry foul but the president (Robert Mugabe) laid the line straight telling everyone that we learnt our lessons and we need to go back to the basics,” Gumbo said.

Meanwhile, Gumbo said that all was set for next week’s conference after the party successfully fundraised for the event.

He also revealed that the politburo had declared Rtd Brigadier General Misheck Tanyanyiwa who died last week on Thursday in Beijing (China), a national hero.

Tanyanyiwa who was a military attaché in the Asian country will be buried at the National Heroes Acre today.



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    Peter tosh 10 years ago

    Gumbo, who doesn’t know that in zpf it’s see no evil hear no evil.

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    Said another way, Gumbo is saying that the country can go hang, or starve to death, so long as ZANU-PF gets the funds to hold it’s conference.

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    Moses 10 years ago

    The party is superior to government…….that is the root of all Zimbabwes problems and until that changes continued deterioration is inevitable.We’re stuck in a timewarp

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    dumb mute Zanu Pf, how can a political party be bigger than a state or government. Zanu Pf members are so arrogant than the devil himself, nxaaaaaaaa, fools of fools.

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    Nyoni 10 years ago

    Cc the UN with this article from a born idiot. How can we move forward ahh….so frustrating

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    Typical zombie style waffling.Isu tinoziva kuti kana una sahwira wako wepedyo, you support him in public but critisize him privately so as to build each other.Zvino benzi iri rinozviti Rugare Gumbo never ceazes to amaze me.You tell me kuti children are dying of cholera , mulnutrition , zvese hazvina basa.Chine basa iZANU chete? Please madzisahwira udzaivo vana Gumbo kuti nyika yakakosha kudarika ZANU.

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    chilimanzi 10 years ago


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    Asijiki Nyamasvisva 10 years ago

    Hogwash, thats why gumbo was initially dumped by zanu. dununu remunhu

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    Chamunorwa 10 years ago

    What can you say???? Bumbo unogumbura nyika yako full time.