Zanu (PF)’s policy: Mass impoverishment

via Zanu (PF)’s policy: Mass impoverishment | The Zimbabwean email to Editor 18.09.13

As the country continues to languish in economic decay, l am pessimistic about Zanu (PF)’s ability to change anything for the better.

If anything, broad-based mass impoverishment, as opposed to broad based indigenisation, is at the core of the party’s subtle ideology. That explains why there is no clear policy to mitigate the effects of perennially recurrent droughts. This creates an acquiescent, docile and dependent citizenry, heavily relying on Zanu (PF) hand-outs for survival.

Zanu (PF) has no policy to remedy the situation, as that would work to the detriment of their ideology. The same applies to indigenisation. All the hype and trumpeting about mass empowerment is just empty rhetoric, designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible electorate. The aim is to grab the few struggling foreign-owned firms, further enrich themselves and a few politically connected, discourage foreign investors, condemn the masses to abject poverty and perpetuate dependency syndrome in order to consolidate their grip on power.

Those who dare resist are starved through partisan food distribution, that is, if their heads are spared vicious bludgeoning. Most intellectuals and critical voices find themselves outside the country in search of a better life. If someone born and bred in diamond-rich Marange has failed to benefit from the diamond extraction going on right under his/her nose, then how does one from the back of beyond, say Bvukururu, Zaka get empowered through indigenisation?

Declarations of revival of industry and empowerment are only grinning masks of deception by the cunning Zanu leadership in order to preserve the riches of political office. – Tich, by email



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    MikeH 9 years ago

    “l am pessimistic about Zanu (PF)’s ability to change anything for the better”.
    mugabe&co have no intention, let alone ability, to change anything for the better.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    African solution for African Dictators. Keep the Povo poor and they can be controlled. Thank you Mr Mbeki, Mr Mugabe and all the other murderers.