ZAPU demands return of seized war records

via ZAPU demands return of seized war records | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo  January 2, 2014 

Former ZIPRA combatants say ZANU PF should return war records that it seized during the Gukurahundi period to enable the true story of the liberation struggle to be told.

The ex-fighters say these records are crucial to correcting the distortions about ZAPU’s contributions and the politics of the liberation struggle as a whole.

“It’s the whole history of ZIPRA. These were all the records of our operations from 1963 until independence 1980,” ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa told SW Radio Africa’s Big Picture programme.

“Everyone who was in ZIPRA had a file with details such as their photograph, their relatives and places of origin. Even little children who were in our refugee camps had files.

“We catalogued deaths, those who got captured by the enemy and the circumstances of their capture but all that is gone and ZANU PF won’t say where these are,” Dabengwa added.

Dabengwa said ZIPRA was already compiling details and accounts of ZAPU’s role in the struggle, their efforts were being hampered by lack of resources.

“The Mafela Trust is handling the project and we are trying to reach out as much as we can to those who took part in the war to give us their accounts.

“Once this is done we are hoping that a historian will help us to write a true account of our country’s liberation history,” Dabengwa added.


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    john netsiyanwa 8 years ago

    I Want to ask Dumiso Dabegwa two things,who started the war at Morogoro and Mgagaoo military camps between Zipra and Zanla forces in 1976? If you can tell the truth.

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    We should all hold our breath until those records are returned! There’s no way that ZANU-PF would destroy those historical documents. To do so would be cowardly and the equivalent of throwing their victims down mine shafts to hide the evidence.

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    Rising blood Mzila is around , where is Obert Mshayi Khumalo. 7 years ago

    l grew up without a father because of the. Vampare so-called Zanu PF. been an orphan since birth, l have always hope my father.will come one day but it never. happened l deserve to know the truth as his blood.