ZBC board chairman’s appointment withdrawn | The Herald

ZBC board chairman’s appointment withdrawn | The Herald

via ZBC board chairman’s appointment withdrawn | The Herald February 18, 2014

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has withdrawn Dr Dennis Magaya’s appointment as Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation board chair for his alleged involvement in salary and procurement scandals at national power utility, Zesa.

The ministry had appointed an 11-member board chaired by Dr Magaya (44) to spearhead restructuring and turnaround of the national broadcaster.

Father Gibson Munyoro — a respected Catholic cleric with a passion for peace and national development locally and in the region — will now chair the board.

Prof Moyo yesterday said the ministry had completely withdrawn Dr Magaya’s appointment to the board.
“This is after the ministry learnt today that despite Dr Magaya’s previous submissions, backed by a documented record, his consultancy services to Powertel face serious allegations some of which have been previously raised by some sections of the media.

“The allegations are that he has been a recipient of inflated consultancy fees and that he has been an undeserving beneficiary of the corruption of tender procedures by the recently dissolved Powertel board. Powertel falls under the ministry of Energy and Power Development.”

Prof Moyo added: “In particular and of great concern to the ministry, it has since transpired that after designing a US$25 million new strategy for Powertel, the recently dissolved Powertel board proceeded to hire Dr Magaya to implement his own design despite the fact that the State Procurement Board had specifically disqualified his company from participating in the tender on grounds that he was conflicted as the designer of the strategy which was the subject of the tender.

“Accordingly, and not withstanding Dr Magaya’s vast experience and impeccable professional background which stood him in good stead to serve on the new ZBC board, the ministry is unable to retain him as a member and chairman of the board given that the allegations he faces at Powertel precisely echo the rot that has bedevilled ZBC.

“The challenges in parastatals or state enterprises require zero tolerance to corruption in all its manifestations.”
Fr Munyoro, under the auspices of Silveira House, initiated and led community initiatives that impact on the youth and the greater society through the media.

Prof Moyo said the vacancy created by the elevation of Fr Munyoro had been filled by Zimbabwe’s retired diplomat to the United States of America and South Africa, Mr Pritchard Zhou.

He holds an MA in Psychology from the University of Zambia and his research interests included multimedia and society.



  • comment-avatar
    kagamba 4 years

    I wonder if prof moyo is the right man for this job surely such a high position there should be processes in place to check the person’s background before you appoint what a joke in Zanu you guys you are failing the country

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 4 years

    The heat is on people of Zimbabwe, keep the pressure on. The past is catching up with the demagogs. Mugabe is still standing.

  • comment-avatar
    Manyongori 4 years

    The circus goes on,how was he appointed in the first place?I thought it was the herald reporting about the goings on at Powertel?

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 4 years

    Jono thought nobody would notice. Sorry Jono. He will replace with another of the same ilk.

  • comment-avatar
    Gutu 4 years

    Moyo seems to be the weakest link in government. Chombo who publicly condoned corruption at the city of Harare municipality is not worth talking about now. Jonathan is acting but still people dont seem to appreciate his efforts. Let him do his bit.

  • comment-avatar

    I have said it once and will say it again. Moyo is a strategist. Until I see people getting arrested and sentenced I will be cautious what his intentions are. During this fiasco you would investigate people first before you appoint. Someone missed a trick. They did not think that this would come out.

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    Beware of Jono Moyo, he is the snake in the grass and will bite. Even those Zanu Boys will wake up one day and find out they have been screwed

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    Sekesai 4 years

    What does a board of 11 highly paid people do for a small and struggling organisation like ZBC???? Is it another case of jobs for the boys and girls? Now that Charity Manyeruke has been rewarded for sycophancy, when will Dr. Kurebga join the gravy train? This is nothig but a shameless circus.

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 4 years

    Mbavha DZO FUMURANA iyo nyika ichitsva

  • comment-avatar
    Godonga 4 years

    There lies Mugabe’s biggest problem as a leader- his dependence on dubious individuals to champion his nefarious objectives. Remember Nkala? Hunzvi? and recently Chinotimba and Gono? and now Johno!

    Mugabe usually plucks such characters from outside Zanu PF structures or some such oblivion and he gives them so much power that they become the second most powerful in the country, after him ofcourse.

    After these dubious individuals hav served their purpose, the modus operandi is always that he sidelines them or ultimately discards them. Jonho is no different.

    What i dont agree with however is to say Jonathan Moyo is a snake that wil bite Zanu PF from within. Nonsence, Moyo is not a slick, sneaky snake but a crass day light vulture who is used to eat the rot on behalf of the bosses.

    More lik a hyena, he is not discreet nor smart. He prostitutes for his master in day light and shamelessly. Culd one say with certainty that perhaps Johno is now serving a new master other than Bob?

    The lesson from the Tsholotsho attempted coup is clear: Moyo has neva been his own man. He who pays the piper plays the tune and anyone can buy a prostitute, mari yako chete!

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

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    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    The trick was in loosing him the elections then appoint him cabinet minister.He is a prostitute and is being used big time. The same with Bob, the Junta gave them the elections , now the lappets must dance to their masters. This is why I believe Mujuru is done. I don’t like mnangagwa, but he is in .He is the only one trusted to protect the loot and the looting.
    No one will touch the diamonds issue. To support my theory, Misimirebwa will not be mentioned again. Who told Bob to shut up.
    It would be interesting to hear from Ncube the goings on at Zisco. This was the old battle ground between Mujuru and Mnangagwa. Remember Joice enjoying herself in Botswana curtsey of Zisco.

  • comment-avatar
    Africanson 4 years

    But at least Joanathan is doing something as compared to some other……..