ZCTU Procession Goes Ahead

via ZCTU Procession Goes Ahead, Attracts Many Workers by Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye for VOA Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions’ procession to promote workers’ rights and commemorate the September 13th 2006 march in which some of their members were beaten, went off without incident after a court order was granted in the last minute to allow the labor body to go ahead with the event.

ZCTU Regional chairperson for the Western Region, Reason Ngwenya, said the police backed off from interfering with the procession after they were shown the court order.

Ngwenya said the procession was well attended despite earlier news of its cancellation.

He said some of the issues raised involved the non-payment of workers by employers, water problems in Bulawayo and the closure of industries in a town that was once the country’s industrial hub.

“We will soon engage the recently appointed Labour Minister Nicholas Goche to discuss the challenges facing our workers especially those in Matabeleland where many are working for months without pay and most of the big industries have now closed shop,” said Ngwenya.

“We hope that our workers can also benefit from the indigenisation drive currently underway so that they can actively assist in reviving our ailing economy,” he added.

A similar procession is expected to be held in Harare on Saturday after an urgent chamber application quashed a police ban Thursday.