ZEC refusing with poll fraud proof

via ZEC refusing with poll fraud proof: MDC-T 14/10/2013 NewZimbabwe

MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe, has accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of frustrating efforts by her party to prove the July 31 elections were rigged on a “monumental scale”.

Khupe told supporters at a weekend rally in Gweru celebrating the party’s victory in Mkoba constituency that ZEC was refusing to make available documents that would help prove its claim the vote was manipulated.

President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party won the elections with a landslide; the veteran leader, who turned 89 this, securing another five years at the helm of a country which he has ruled untrammelled since independence in 1980.

But MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, backed by western countries, insists his rival carried out a monumental fraud, although his challenge against the poll outcome was thrown out by the Constitutional Court.

Khupe, who was accompanied by senior officials who included Elton Mangoma and Douglas Mwonzora, said there was a deliberate bid by the elections agency to frustrate her party.

“Everyone was shocked by the July 31 elections and I know most of us are still mourning. As the party leadership, we have been to all the provinces and we have been told ‘chilling stories’ of how Zanu PF stole the election,” she said.

“We are yet to get any substantive information to provide the world. We wanted ZEC to avail us with the material that was used during the voting process, but they refused.

“We also wanted an electronic voters’ roll but they also refused to release it and there is, therefore, nothing we can do.

Mangoma said the scale of the vote rigging was “saddening and sickening”.

“They depopulated some areas, overpopulated others, took massive tracts of land under the guise of cooperatives and ordered the land owners to vote for Zanu PF or face dire consequences, all this for the long rejected party to retain power,” he said.

“But we ask ourselves, do the people of Zimbabwe deserve fraudsters at the helm of their government? That is why the MDC remains united to see to it that Zimbabwe works again.”

Tsvangirai however, told another rally in Mutare that the party had complied a dossier proving the vote was manipulated, adding he would present the “evidence” to African leaders.

“I shall be engaging SADC and the AU because they simply do not have the information of how the people’s verdict was stolen. So I shall visit them and update them on what happened during the July 31 theft,” he said.

Khupe meanwhile, urged supporters to remain united as the party tries to re-group for the next elections in 2018 with some senior officials publicly calling for the ouster of Tsvangirai as party leader.

“I know everyone here is still mourning this defeat, I have come here to give you hope,” she said.

“We should not continue mourning. We should be hopeful like the biblical David and prepare for another fight come next elections. As it is, Zanu PF believes they have dealt us a heavy blow. My advice to you is let’s focus for another fight.

“We will stand by our president, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. In Matabeleland we say Tsvangirai ngenkani, ongafuniyo khayekele.”



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    @Silungisani , shame, shame x1000 times , remember MDC T have just resumed going out to the people after the elections were rigged/lost , strategically the first thing they need to do is to explain to the people what really contributed to their loss , if the elections were rigged thats exactly what they need to explain to the people before even talking about the way forward . I think you must back off from MDC T ISSUES , Where is your ZAPU you stupid Ndebele man , shut your stinking mouth , go and die you sellout , iam coming to your place watch out .

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    Rocks tone 11 years ago

    Both ZANU pf &MDC had betrayed the will of the people, Mdc was not responsible for voters registration campaign&awareness ,they relaxed hoping to win by the virtue of having so many supporters .what do I expect from a party with shallow intelligence .ZANU PF on other side are ruthless with lifes of the people of Zimbabwe ,they sacrificed to pay millions of dollars simply to rigg the election so that they will continue plundering the country ‘s resources ,but I assure what they did this time they inflicted a catastrophic trauma in lives of people of Zimbabwe and lastly Mdc is also liable to the suffering of people ,because each time we have election they are not accountable to implement a staunch challenge and claim of the elections

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    Michael 11 years ago

    Eddie Cross has already revealed, that which Tsvangirai has failed (yet again) to do, the areas of failing within the MDC (mdc=Mostly Dumb Camels or similar). The voters roll being the LAST of and long, long, long, long, long, long list of failures.

    Move on….. MDC is dead…….

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    Michael 11 years ago

    Seriously????? The people do not need to be told the election was rigged, are you stupid or just retarded. Everyone knows that fact, what a waste of time and money going around the country, visiting the people (like they are children) telling them something they know already. The MDC lost, “because the election were rigged”, typical uneducated Tsvangirai type of thinking. What we don’t know is why the MDC participate when they knew of this rigging.

    Zanu has never been in an election that was not rigged, including 1980 which was rigged by Britain, as revealed by a zanla video called “A Portrait Of A Terrorist” (starring Bob Mugabe and Lord Carrington) watch it and learn the truth.

    MDC knew that zanu would rig but they did nothing. The GPA implementation would have ensured a level electoral playing for free and fair election. But Tsvangirai went ahead with election without the GPA reforms being implemented. I would not trust Tsvangirai to lead me around the corner let alone lead my chosen government, he’s an idiot.

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    zondi 11 years ago

    I am happy that the paper acknowledges that “MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (is) backed by western countries.”

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      nesbert majoni 11 years ago

      The west are better than Mugabe

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      Rudadiso 11 years ago

      Zondi, I bet they also know that Zanu P.F. is backed by China to whom they are mortgaging our national resources. They are even being allowed to build on wetlands thereby endangering the city’s future source of water. In other words, Mugabe is surrendering national resources to a country which is now sending scientists to spaace while he cant even feed his people. How dumb is that?

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    Sekuru Mapenga 11 years ago

    The ZEC is covered with shame and disgrace. They accepted all the malfunctions including the most fundamental part of all elections – the lack of a voters roll from the RG’s office. They then went on to declare the elections free and fair. Only one of the ZEC commissioners had the courage to speak out and resign.

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    Simon 11 years ago

    So its ok that zanu pf is backed by chinese/israel ??!!!!! But that if it were the case mdc is not allowed to be backed by anyone? People or idiots who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Anf still there is no copy of the voters roll…this is all just a farce and a joke. So zanu pf fools we are waiting for an improved zimbabwe…seems its getting worse..and still you now you getting fatter and wallet heavier.

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    Fallenz 11 years ago

    The actions of ZANUPF and ZEC is equivalent to crooks who claim to hold evidence that they are innocent of crime, but unwilling to share the information. They are simply trying to bury the smoking gun. Eventually, they will claim that too much time has passed, and will try to destroy the evidence. Unfortunate for them, too many know too much.

    The truth is, everyone knows how crooked ZANUPF is. No amount of talk will ever change facts. Talk will not make those facts go away. Keep wasting your time trying to convince everyone that facts don’t matter.

    Judgment comes, and justice awaits… no manipulating the courts… no bribing magistrates… no appeals… no talk, talk, talk to claim innocence and walk away. ZANUPF crimes have devastated Zim, and for the wickedness against the people and against God, woe and doom await.

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    Revesai 11 years ago

    MDC is right. The elections were rigged at an alarming rate. If Zanu is clean. Why did they refuse and continue to refuse to let the voters roll be available to parties. They know that the rigging game plan is centered on the voters roll. It was daylight robbery

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    Mark Talbot 11 years ago

    The MDC lost when they agreed to elections without the required reforms in place. I don’t understand how anyone could have expected anything other than the usual fraudulent results. The world should just turn their backs on the AU states and SADC in particular. No more aid. Let China feed Africa now since they are busy looting and colonizing the continent.

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    Mthwakazi 11 years ago

    When the gukurahundis refuse to set up a Truth and Reconciliation Comission and avail the various Commissions reports on the gukurahundi masscres to prove their war on so-called dissidents was justified, most of you agree with them; claiming let sleeping dogs lie; let bygones be bygones.

    So now what is your problem here – just let bygones be bygones, lets move on. You lost, forget it.

    I love it when you get to taste your own medicine. Its now painful because you are the affected party, neh?

    ZANU PF is using the same tactics of refusing with evidence, that they have used in all controversial cases in the last 33 years.

    Enjoy their tricks quietly – its your turn!!!

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    Moses 10 years ago

    I was one those who wished to see Mugabe out of power by all means. All that have changed after a concerned Zimbabwe friend exposed me to the “lancaster house agreement” and how Tony Blair mensed up the whole deal. Now l understand why Mugabe is so agressive towards the Western leaders. lt is obvious that the Westerners are supporting the MDC so they can continue to perpetrate the evil deeds on Zimbabwe. Shame on you T. Blair and MDC. l think ZANU-PF should should educate people about the LH agreement.