‘Zec wants to cover-up fraud’

via ‘Zec wants to cover-up fraud’ – DailyNews Live by Tarisai Machakaire  25 OCTOBER 2013  

Morgen Komichi, the MDC chief elections officer, alleged yesterday Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) officials crafted an offence leading to his arrest.

Komichi was arrested in July, accused of fraud and contravening the Electoral Act.

This was after he presented to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), a ballot paper that was allegedly picked from a dustbin at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), the electoral body’s command centre.

Komichi told the court during cross examination by prosecutor Michael Mugabe that when a meeting was convened to present the ballot paper envelopes issue, Zec  hatched a plan to get him arrested.

“Zec hatched a plan to implicate me in a crime I did not commit.

“When I got to the meeting they started going through Electoral Act documents and internet looking for an offence they would label against me,” he said.

“They found a section where being in possession of open ballot paper was an offence and connived to get me arrested. They knew that since I was alone against their numbers it would be my word against them even if the matter was to be heard in court.”

Mugabe questioned Komichi’s delay in alerting Zec about the issue and said the latter was “scheming to discredit Zec and the elections”.

“I received the papers on July 23 and managed to address the issue with Zec on July 25 because I had other urgent matters to attend in Mutare,” Komichi shot back.

“I also didn’t want the matter discussed on the phone because it was crucial.

“Besides it would not have helped us as a party to do anything malicious. Everything that I did was in good faith.”

Komichi said he was surprised when a meeting was later convened to discuss the issue after top government officials were called in.

“When I was called for a meeting I was surprised to see Makarau in the company of commissioner Gambe, Sekeramayi, Mutemasango, Chidhakuza and many others,” he said.

His lawyer Alec Muchadehama claims Zec failed to handle the July election process, resulting in some ballot papers going missing.

Allegations are that on July 25 at HICC, Komichi approached Tendayi Pamire asking to have an audience with Zec chairperson Rita Makarau after a ballot envelope was found in a rubbish bin outside the command centre.

The State alleges that Komichi accused Zec of destroying ballot papers of members of the uniformed forces who voted for the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC.

According to State papers, the envelope belonged to Constable Mugove Chiginya, a police officer supposed to have voted for the MDC in the Southerton constituency.

The court heard Chiginya, however, failed to vote during the special voting period.



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    Fallenz 10 years ago

    The word “Kangaroo” comes to mind.

    They so busy with this nonsense they can’t follow the law and produce the voter rolls…

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    To hell with Rita Makarau,she is a dog a tail is only lacking,corruption is their daily bread,lack of respecting people’s rights their best norm.IMBWA DZEVANHU…..

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    Chirandu Chegono 10 years ago

    Majority of people in Zimbabwe have lost faith in the Zimbabwe electoral process. Until this process is reformed and rid of unprofessional people like “Justice” Rita Makarau, Joyce Kazembe and most of ZEC, the pro-Zanu PF Judiciary and the Zanu PF appendage in the Registrar General Mudede’s office then elections in Zimbabwe will continue to be a huge fuss. No matter what the opposition do, this is where the fight for democracy should be taken. These institutions, collectively, form the so called ‘Axis of Evil’. To these people who collectively continue to avert the will of people, know that history will judge you very harshly. What you are doing is tatamount to raping someone, denying someone their right, freedom. Let me ask you this (you people within the axis of evil), do you feel satisfied at all after you rape someone? You have raped the Zimbabwe electorate for far too long, think about it.

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    Fallenz 10 years ago

    Excellent points, Chirandu.

    Unfortunately, ZANUPF fully realise the truth in what you write, and will not relinquish control of those functions, as they are key to maintaining their illegal power.

    Democracy is a fragile form of government because it relies ver much on the integrity of the leadership to lead by laws, and not go beyond the mandate given them by the people. ZANUPF can never operate in a democracy… they are too crooked.

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    Zvakare 10 years ago

    Makarau Kane chirwere ako. Will soon die anywhere