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via ZIA approves 21 investment projects | The Herald April 3, 2014

A total 21 investment projects valued at $71,025 million were approved in the two months to February 2014, up from $38,6 million in January, latest figures from Zimbabwe Investment Authority have shown. According to the figures, mining attracted the bulk of the investments valued at $60,944 million with the BVI January figure of $28,729 million remaining the biggest investment so far this year.

ZIA said the $28, 7 million BVI investment came into Pan African Mining pvt ltd, a gold mining company in the Mutorashanga area which received gold mining equipment.

Manufacturing and services weighed in with five and six projects respectively while other sectors such as transport, agriculture, tourism and construction had no investment in the period.

Manufacturing attracted $5,497 million off five projects while services with six projects attracted $4,584 million.
In terms of countries, China’s investment rose to $9,893 million in February from January investment of $2,9 million. The country invested $4,3 million in mining, $3,8 million in services and $1,6 million in manufacturing.

USA, Iran and Sudan all expressed interest in mining, committing different amounts in the sector.
During the period Egypt invested $3,050 million in manufacturing, Sweden $500 000 in services and France committed $258 000 in the services sector. In the two month period 1 408 jobs were created while export earnings stood at $69,3 million.

At the close of 2013, the country total investments stood at $685,8 million down from $909 million in 2012. – FinX.



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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    These figures are jigged. Also countries for the most part do not invest, but rather companies and individuals.

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    Godfrey C 9 years ago

    The country only attracted FDI of $685 million in 2013, this is scary and to think that this figure will be even lower in 2014 just shows we are indeed moving backwards.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Just check this out, France committed $258000. This shows the degree of desperation to try and make news out of nothing.
    Jono’s paper

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    Dave Wood 9 years ago

    What more can you expect from a Shona idiot? They are the idiots responsible for destroying Zimbabwe. What more can one expect… Soon they’ll be back to wearing skins for clothes, living in mud huts or caves, eating berries and roots and walking everywhere. Watch this space, it’s coming within the next few years..

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    The only investment ZPF have ever made are straight into personal wallets. In fact those wallets are so think that if ever someone in there contemplated suicide all he/she would have to do is jump off their wallet. I am simply disgusted by the whole Zim debacle and greatly saddened by the ongoing destruction of a beautiful nation!

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    Tongoona 9 years ago

    What fallacy. Only 1408 jobs created. It means out of 10 provinces in the country, an average of 141 jobs were created per province. There are 7 million youths looking for jobs and here you are making news about nothing. Don’t insult the intelligence of our educated youths. Government must do away with its nonsensical policies destroying and dividing the entire nation of Zimbabwe into tribal, racial, gender and age groups to antagonize each group against the other so that in the separation of the nation’s interests through psychotic groupings ZANU PF blind folds everybody from seeing and opposing them for causing colossal economic destruction. Having zero investment in agriculture, transport, tourism and construction means the economy is virtually dead. ZANU PF admit failure and start thinking in the positive. You have done more damage than good.