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Zim business delegation faces protests in London

via Zim business delegation faces protests in London | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Monday, January 27, 2014

A Zimbabwean business delegation, expected in London to lobby against the targeted sanctions imposed on President Mugabe and his cronies, will this week be met with demonstrations from human rights campaigners.

The Zimbabwe Vigil has announced that its members will on Tuesday and Wednesday demonstrate outside Chatham House, where the delegation will be appealing for international investment and the removal of the EU penalties.

The ZANU PF lobby against the targeted sanctions comes a few weeks before the EU meets in February to review the measures imposed in 2002 due to human rights violations.

A statement from the London-based protest group said the Zim delegation will be led by Charles Msipa, who is President of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries and Managing Director of Schweppes Zimbabwe. According to the Vigil Msipa is said to be a member of a secret committee of ZANU PF for which he mobilizes funds. The statement further says that Msipa played a role in the farm invasions and is also a friend to former mines minister Obert Mpofu, who is described as ‘looter in chief of state diamonds.’

This week’s protests will be in line with the Vigil’s stance against Chatham House which has of late been hosting Mugabe’s allies. In November 2013 the Vigil staged a demonstration against Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi. The Vigil argues that it is improper for Chatham House to entertain Mugabe’s inner circle in the aftermath of last year’s disputed election and in the face of continuing human rights violations and corruption.

The Vigil statement refers to the ‘once respected Chatham House’ and goes on to say the think tank has ‘bent over backwards in recent years to sanitize Mugabe.’
On this week’s event the Vigil says it is informed that the invitation to the select few refers to ‘five consecutive years of positive growth’ in Zimbabwe and the ‘dust’ from the election periods is ‘settling.’

The protest group argues that it is wrong for the think tank to hold these views because ‘well known people in Zimbabwe’ report that there can be no meaningful progress without the rule of law and respect for property rights. The Vigil quoted the numerous company closures and capital flight in Zimbabwe, amongst other things, all occasioned by corruption and low business confidence.

Vigil coordinator Dennis Benton told SW Radio Africa Monday that they were unhappy that Chatham House ‘continues to provide a platform for Mugabe’s people to campaign against the targeted sanctions.’ Benton said the Vigil will not cease its activities of campaigning against human rights violations and corruption in Zimbabwe. He vowed that they will ‘hound Mugabe’s cronies whereever we find them.’

The Vigil has been demonstrating outside Zimbabwe House in London every weekend for the last 12 years, campaigning for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.


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    Tjingababili 4 years


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    Murimi Wanhasi 4 years

    Vigil vessels make the most noise

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    Dayford 4 years

    Murimi Wanhasi please do not insult the Vigil protest. This is a group that is lobbying for the removal of a dictatorship which is well past its sell-by date, has now become irrelevant and now imposses itself on its people by rigging elections. Do not talk about sanctions by the West when they are the very countries which are providing financial and material aid, and even school fees by the way. The world has moved on sir/madam, take note of what is happening in Ukraine, Egypt etc.

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    Johnson@yahoo.com 4 years

    why on earth are the British having double standards. This reminds me of Robin Cook scandal in supplying arms to Sierra Leone after the UN had imposed an arms embargo. The British who profess to champion human rights must entertain the right constituents not those questionable characters. Well lets see what happens between the two bedding each other….we wanna see the type of baby that comes from that mischievous union. Catham House is up to some mischief!!!!!

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    NBS 4 years

    Murimi, good morning to you. “There is a way that seems right unto man but its steps lead own to death. ” ZPF have chosen this path and it has lead to the death of a nation and, I hasten to say, our other politicians are not so squeaky clean either. But ZPF have been on power since 1980 and so they are the ones who are going to be held accountable spiritually. Murimi, think about it. I do not subscribe to any man’s ideologies but to what God Himself wants. The only policy, law or plan and way of running this nation is the way God would have us run it and I haven’t seen that yet. So you are backing an also ran. I would deeply pray that ZPF would repent and turn to God to hep them make things right along with the rest of us. Time is running out!

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    Murimi Wanhasi 4 years

    @Dayford.Vigil is protesting,so that no business deals are clinched.U are happy with that,and I note u are very cosy with us receiving aid.
    This is not a Zanu thing,its a Zim thing.
    One of the delegation is an Econet boss by the way.
    So I will repeat.Vigil,like all other empty vessels,make the most noise!!.

    @NBS.Good morning to u too.
    Murimi is glad the rains are upon us and is moving around with a slight spring in his step.
    Even tho this is not a govt to govt thing,but can I ask u a question.Shld the west engage North korea,or Iran?Do u like those govts?But u realise its important to engage even the so called rogue states.
    My point is,by engaging us,the british govt is looking beyond our petty politics and into the future.
    Remember its been over a decade since they really enjoyed Zims cake,and have watched the Chinese eat it,albeit greedily and messy.A lot of Zim gold from way back is in the Bank of England vaults.How could they forget that?

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    True Murimi but would it not be better if the majority of Zimbabweans had some of their own cake? Or is the cake for the Chinese and a few chosen Zimbabweans. I know for a fact that you are no fool but I cannot put my hand on why you never speak about the suffering masses. And whilst we at it the Chinese have been selling this cake to the very same western countries that you talk about.

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    Pamberi patriotic vigil..Pasi murimi puppet

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    Mthwakazi 4 years

    Everywhere they go, gukurahundis are not wanted. What a sad lot. Right across the globe, nobody likes gukurahundis. While others a feted, gukurahundis are met with demonstrations, street protests.

    Come what may, It does not matter how long it takes, 10 20 years, but as sure as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west gukurahundis shall bend, and bend they will!!

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    Zvakwana! 4 years

    @murimi. It is good to talk. Like it or hate it we live in a global village thing now. It was all prophesied a long time ago. And yes we do need to engage with one another. Look I personally do not trust any politician; not Obama nor anyone else. There are very few exceptions but what I want to see in Zimbabwe is repentance,the truth come out, forgiveness and healing. We simply cannot go forward until we travel that road of truth even if it is not so palatable. As I have said, God does not work in the dark and Zim has too many hidden sins/secrets. Why for instance have ZPF not allowed an audit into the July 31st election material and why for instance is that SA 2002 report on Zimbabwe’s elections so incendiary. When something is hidden I get suspicious. And yes, we thank the Lord for every drop of rain that falls. He truly is a merciful God. We do not deserve it.

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    Zvakwana well said man. I too get tired of all this fighting. This forum has been good generally, at times explosive but hate has also reared it’s ugly head.I only hope that people could share their Ideas with out the insults and hate. I don’t believe in trying to change peoples customs or religions but I do believe that people engaging and tolerating each other is healthy. I believe in a country where the people keep the politicians in line instead of vice versa. Where the Politicians make good laws to protect the people that voted them in. Where Police help people instead of stealing from them. Where the Army keeps the nation safe instead of beating people up. Can we achieve this? I think Africa is going the full circle and it’s only a matter of time.

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    Khaya'bonina 4 years

    Lets have brains to reason better , enough is enough , sanctions have played their role and i think they should come to an end , these sanctions are target to Mugabe and other ZANU PF members but indirectly they are there as a punishment to the entire Zimbabweans , unfortunately these Vigil dwurfminded people and people like Mthwakazi doesn’t have direction and they are the people who doesn’t want to see any progress in our country , these are the kind of people who will continue being empty vessels as Murimi have said it . Fine Mugabe might retire today but such people will continue being failures and finding other excuses , lets have a way forward , lets start building don’t fool yourself and continue with the excuses hiding behind Mugabe’s name , he is already an old man at anytime we will have a new president leading Zimbabwe and you will start having other excuses , Mugabe is not Zimbabwe , ZANU PF is not Zimbabwe , the stigma of the sanctions unfortunately have turned to be a ludicrous situation not simple to Mugabe and his cabinet but to us . Make no mistake as from today , think twice , we are no longer doing our plans to benefit Mugabe but we need to start paving a wayfordward for the future leadership of Zimbabwe , it might be under your dreams Mthwakazi, it might be a new leadership of ZANU PF , it might be ZUNDE or MDC what soever , what is of paramount importance now is to start cultivating our path appropriate , stop your wars against Mugabe , its waist of time as it is already clear that he is no longer having a stable health , he can be off the seat at anytime , better start planning on how you will progress without him , Murimi is correct to discribe some people as empty vessels , wise party leaders must starting seeing a way forward , if Mugabe had been blocking your way then start showing us the signs of reasoning instead of being so noisy , Lets take Zimbabwe forward , Mugabe is no longer a threat to us , what ever we do now , lets do it for ourselves not for Mugabe .

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    Can’t Msipha just call a press conference especially the Herald and ZBC to protest against the sanctions? Does he need to go to London? It baffles one to imagine them going to the UK. Time and again the President has urged the British to keep their Britain and not disturb him in his Zimbabwe. Time and again the EU countries are told to go hang. The reality is that those calls are meant for the shallow minded. There is no government that can stand on its own. The children of these Zanupf chefs are in the UK and in the US all the glories of “imperialism” as we speak. Recently we read that Zanupf has requested for fees from the very British and believe you me they will get it. So me and you my fellow Zimbabwean it does not really help our children for us to insult each other or to defend these British and the Americans. They cause problems for us here. When we want to change they interfere to direct us to a particular person that they can freely use even against his own people. In the meantime Virgil are doing something at least as opposed to some liars who always claim to be fighting for democracy from the UK yet truly they are only collecting funds to put in their pockets.

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    I think the voices must continue, but voices of reason.If firing the corrupt people is followed by arrests and prosecutions. Then the country takes a painful step forward. But if all these fired people and corrupt police are not brought to book then we stand still. This country cannot afford to stand still.There has been too much suffering already.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 4 years

    Murimi was in the fields.
    @Doctor. Things are tough in Zim,true.A lot of people are suffering,I acknowledge that,but we will never agree on the causes.
    Is it all doom & gloom in Zim?Murimi beleives there are many bright spots.
    These chinese are,for lack of a better word,parasitic.They are here to loot and go.They were helpful during “those” days.Now..a big No.

    @Zvakwana.If u follow Zim’s prophecies,then u should know this one.Is the next president male or female?
    @Mthwakazi.My brother u need help.seriously.This is not the wall of a public toilet bru

    @Khaya Well said,but we will prepare,not now though.Remember Khaya,u guys are not a govt in waitin;we will continue after Bob
    @Doc,Khaya. U gentlemen did not respond to my offer of Bob @ 90 t shirts

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    Khaya'bonina 4 years

    Mugabe has shown a lot of aging in his statements , not very long at his sister’s funeral , he discribed himself as more than a British , what does that mean to you . Do you have to continue raising your voices against Mugabe , wake up Zimbabweans , why can’t you see the green light , its no longer a red light , its now a green light , you better drive forward .

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    Khaya'bonina 4 years

    @Murimi , if you can announce it today that on the same day you will be both celebrating his bith day and his retirement then i can be part of the mingling and i can agree to be offered his tshirt .

    My worry Mr Murimiis here , yes we hate Mugabe with our own reasons , but it is so bad that we have got people who are completely loosing their direction , they even oppose the good side of the initiatives from ZANU PF. Anything from ZANU PF is guguraundu , thats being silly at all , this an open site but lets bring sense to our dialogues , constructively lets urgue .

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    For me the suffering is straight fowardly cause by the corruption and patronage that has been going on. A alot is comming to light now. How could all thes people go unoticed by the powers that be. I know about the police as well because I have suffered first hand with them. I can still remember Philip Chiyangwa trying to jump a fuel que that I was in. I also remember a delivery of sugar and meal meal that disappeared from TM in Bradfield where threre was a Manager called Mabhena to be sold on the black market while we suffered to get the products else where. I remember someone calling the Police about some hoarded meal meal in the same shop. When they arrived they went inside and walked out carrying the product for their families and ignored us. Murimi if you believe that all is hunkerdory in Zimbabwe then you are right, we will neve agree. The problems are caused by those that rule and if they don’t do anything about it they remain the problem and the painfull steps I talk about will not happen