Zim Govt Revises Infamous Youth Militia Training

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Zim Govt Revises Infamous Youth Militia Training By Roy Chikara

President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party says it will soon revive the compulsory training of the infamous Border Gezi youth militia, a paramilitary group previously used to harass political foes in past elections, a senior official has said.

Addressing a youth meeting held Thursday at the Masvingo Town House, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister, retired army Major Mathius Tongofa said the program will be compulsory and resuscitated soon.

“We will soon resuscitate the program once we get funds,” Tongofa said.

He said the youth militia training centres were still intact and what had only stopped the programme was the recruitment.

“We had only stopped recruitment, but the centres are there and soon we will start recruitment for the program,” said Major Tongofa, who is the Chivi north Legislator.

The recruitment was stopped after MDC party formations that partnered Zanu PF in the coalition government complained about the program, saying it was propping Zanu PF in elections.

The youth militias were accused of raping and maiming suspected MDC party supporters while trainers were accused of sexually assaulting trainee girls.

Tongofa said the youth militia training under the national youth service will this time be taken to schools were young boys and girls will be recruited and indoctrinated with the Zanu PF ideology.

“We need to sensitise our youth the doctrine of our party and national pride. The coming of opposition parties has done injustice to our youth who are being influenced to be sellouts and facilitate the decolonisation of the country. So the training will mould our youths and shape them. The need to right mind and to know that this country came as a result of a protracted liberation war and we have to preserve that,” he said.

The move to reintroduce the youth militia could ignite fierce criticism and debate from the general public who feel that the national youth service training does not serve the interests of the country but Zanu PF’s interests.



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    Tsuro Magen'a 10 years ago

    I hope nevana vemasheff( Including Bona)vanoenda woKuBoarder Gezi.

    The drive of Zanu is to turn our country into a North Korea, mark my words…our children will now be drilled from preschool to Uni with Zanu propaganda. From home to school in a Kombi fed on Zanu and the old Gushongo stories through Zanu BC…anyway ndisu taka vota. The next 5 years will be torment a for our children. Remember Gushungo has always harboured the One Party State and Life President notion and was only stopped by Tekere. Now he has free reign after the “landslide”, muchanzwa butter, while their children go train in Australia.

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    Sounds like Mao, trying to brainwash a generation. Mugabe seems to have learned well from his Chinese masters.

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Jrr56 10 years ago

    Who are they going to steal from you pay for all these fancy full schemes. If they think by taking other peoples companies translates into immediate cash they are in for a surprise.

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    Mwanawevhu 10 years ago

    Stupid people with stupid ideas. The country is broke, industries have collapsed, basic products are being imported and the economy is on the brink of collapsing. While the country is on the edge of abyss someone has the gall to come up with a stupid idea which does not grow the economy but help destroy it and call himself a patriot. Uri Duzvi remunhu

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    mbire 10 years ago

    zanu pf policy on black empowerment is good for black zimbabweans but the timing was not right .

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    Fallenz 10 years ago

    Definitely Maoist concept. But, an important step, and fits into Chinese long range plans for Zim. ZANUPF cares only about their own power, and nothing about the country or people, so it’s easy for China to manipulate them. History will record the names of those who gave away the jewel of Africa… and future generations will shake their heads at how ignorant and irresponsible those people were.

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    Msizeni Silwelani 10 years ago

    Brace for more organised terror from these militia. An establishment set to divert the electorate from realism. Sending our poor kids to training institutions whose curriculum research and development is unknown. Zanu Pf’s plane is gliding empty while the crew is hiding in the cabin, hoping for a miraculous landing, soon it would crash and we would all merge from various directions, pick up the debris for archives.

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    Murairwa 10 years ago

    This program is good provided its done zvakana. Border Gezi programs are well intended if carried out in a fashionable way. I personally have no problems with children even going for National Service. Just like in most countries which feel threatened by imperial forces or other forces like in case of Israel. This country needs to be guarded especially now when we are defining ourselves. When we are in the formative stages of shaping the Zimbabwe we want. We need strong leadership not mbwende who sell out and have no clue whether we are going or coming, and most importantly where exactly we are going. Bright ideas. Ensure protection of girls and others in a general sense. We are leaders and should lead everyone as we go. That way, our name flies high as ZANU PF

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    Fallenz 10 years ago

    ZANUPF has provided nothing but corruption for Zim… and Murairwa wants us to believe the future will be different. For any reasoning person to accept that, first explain how that conversion is going to happen. Will voter rolls be available in the future..? Will NGO’s be allowed to distribute according to need, rather than by ZANUPF association..? Will funds in government coffers not disappear into the pockets of politicians..? Murairwa, you and your ZANUPF buddies wouldn’t like that future, so quit trying to blow smoke.

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    Hail to the Thief!
    Well done ZANU-PF!
    Zimbabwe is in the formative stages of development after 35 years, a third of a century of Mugarbage!
    Love these ostriches in the Zanu=PF sand-fill!
    Such pathetic idiots, here is a country (Cry, my Beloved) that is broke, a country 48 out of the 52 bottom in everything and ZANU-PF think that some out of work, useless little Maoists will do anything to improve our lot!
    Sooner Mugarbage is dead along with ZANU the better.
    2018 it will all be over, so ZANU make your exit to China before that!

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    Bhozida 10 years ago

    Kkkkkkk this is day dreaming.The government has no money for basic needs such as water and electricity.Almost 90% of the population are unemployed.There is therefore no scope for increased tax revenues to fund these stupid ideas

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    Infynite Stylze 10 years ago

    Youth Service wouyeeeeeeeeee

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    Varume nevakadzi,hatitsigirei kanakutsoropodza tichiziva zvakare tichishandisa njere dzose.National Youth training to be honest can never be one of our top priorities now considering the state of our economy.Lets put our house in order and lets stop this politicing.

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