Zim ranked Africa’s least growing nation

via Zim ranked Africa’s least growing nation – Southern Eye 25 February 2014

ZIMBABWE has been ranked the least growing country in Africa, recording a negative growth rate of 10%, according to a report by New World Wealth

Angola, Namibia and Nigeria are the fastest growing countries in Africa in terms of wealth per capita, according to the same report.

The countries were ranked by wealth growth between 2000 and 2013. Angola recorded a percentage growth of 527, Namibia had 289% and Nigeria recorded 275% growth. Zimbabwe — under President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF rule since 1980 — came last on the list, recording a negative growth rate of 10%.

The organisation, which provides information on the global wealth sector, with a special focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, considered 19 African countries in its research.

South Africans were reported as the wealthiest individuals in Africa with $11,310 in wealth per person, while Ethiopians are the poorest with $260 per person.

Despite recent uprising in North African countries, Libya (2nd), Tunisia (4th), Algeria (6th), Egypt (8th) and Morocco (7th) ranked high on the list. Nigeria ranked 10th and Kenya 12th. Mozambique and Uganda joined Ethiopia at the bottom of the list.

Analysts in most of these countries have, however, rejected the ranking; with some saying it does not portray the true state of things.

“In reality, Kenya’s wealth is concentrated in just a few hands with 8,300 people controlling 62% of the national wealth of $50 billion,” a Kenyan news media reported on Friday in reaction to assumption that Kenya’s $50 billion wealth is distributed equally among citizens.

Nigeria trailed South Africa and Egypt on the total wealth rankings with $227,5 billion. Zimbabwe was last on the list with total individual wealth of $7,2 billion.

The economic outlook in Africa has improved over the years, evidently so in the report that puts the lowest growth at 47%.

Ranked by per capita gross domestic product growth of 2000– 2012, as recorded by the World Bank, Angola topped the economic growth list, recording a 737% growth. Ghana followed with 506%. Nigeria was 4th with 316% growth.

With a mining sector bedevilled with strikes and corruption, South Africa has seen the worst of times in recent times. It sits in the 8th position on the list with 149% growth.

Tunisian revolution and subsequent political paralysis has hindered economic growth. Economic challenges were one of the main factors behind the 2011 revolution, but stability is yet to be regained following the revolution. The country despite still having a lot of wealthy people. According to the report languishes on the 17th spot on the economic growth list.

The report does highlight the continent’s progress in recent times, with Africa credited as having world’s largest growing middle class. This was made possible by good economic policies and stability of leadership. The large size of the market has also encouraged investors to flood into the continent to exploit the great opportunities offered.




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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    An economy presided over by Africa’s oldest president who feels like a 9 year old can only grow in one direction – backwards. So, no surprises there.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Here we have the truth of the indigenisation drive. It is ever increasing poverty that is being distributed. Zimbabweans must enjoy poverty because they keep on voting for more of it. Imagine what another 10 years of ZANU can do for us. Forward ever. Backward never.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    If a nation’s Richest citizens are its politicians, it shows there is definitely something wrong. Civil servants multimillionaires, what would be the incentive to work if you can get a million a year in corrupt ectivities and selling of your country to the lowest bidder.
    This government is leading us to hell.

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    How on this continent can we be the least with our”zim assert” whatever that is!!

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    Let’s look at some figures here. Airbus Industries 2013 profit – US$5 billion. Zimbabwe national budget $4.1 billion. We will stay at the back of the development line as long as we have backward thinking policies.

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    apollo 8 years ago

    Obviously we have a bunch of idiots running the country and even bigger fools supporting them