Zim teachers threaten strike over pay dispute

via Zim teachers threaten strike over pay dispute | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda  January 6, 2014

Teachers could strike after schools open next week in a dispute over pay that has been raging for months, a union leader has warned.

Takavafira Zhou, the President of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said the ZANU PF government must honour its electoral promise to increase salaries for civil servants.

In the run up to and after the July 31st polls President Robert Mugabe promised to improve the welfare of government employees, a pledge that has not yet been fulfilled.

Just before the Christmas break in December last year, civil servants’ representatives met in Harare with government officials, in their first joint negotiating meeting in two and a half years.

The union representatives said that meeting was “very inconclusive” and there was hope government would reconvene a meeting in January to start the salary negotiations.

Zhou said there is a general consensus among teachers that the meeting should happen before schools open next week, warning of dire consequences if the government ignores them.

“The meeting over salaries should be held this week and the latest date for such a meeting is Friday,” said Zhou, who accused government of being “evasive, illusive and prevaricating” over the pay dispute.

“If talks fail, there are several options that may happen and industrial action is one method of negotiating to induce government to meet workers,” added Zhou.

Teachers in Zimbabwe earn a basic salary of between $300 and $480 per month, but the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe says a food basket for an average family of five now costs $540 a month.



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    No mwari. Nikuv erections passed. Sorry.

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    If you were promised anything from zanupf before the elections and you voted for them then guess who’s to blame.I thought zimbabweans were the most educated in africa.Remember next elections zanupf will promise to double your salaries and give you all car.Don’t forget now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Teachers cannot even go on strike, remember the 1000s of graduates selling airtime in the streets. They ll be hired much cheaper, as temporal teachers. Remember TT program of 1980 to late 80s. I a beneficiary but moderately educated. I managed to reach MBA level. What more of the current crop of teachers who can’t read and write as testified by july 31 eleection where headmasters had come in to vote for the illiterate teachers

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    Just keep on voting and your salaries will be encreased dont loose hope guys.