Zimbabwe agrees uni-visa with Zambia

via Zim agrees uni-visa with Zambia, eyes tourism boost | The Source May 19, 2014

Zimbabwe and Zambia have agreed to implement a uni-visa regime starting next month to boost tourist arrivals between the two countries, a move the neighbouring states expect to precede a common visa for Southern Africa, tourism minister Walter Mzembi said on Monday.

The two countries share the world famous Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world, and a premier tourist attraction.  Tourism minister Mzembi told The Source that the concept has been approved by both governments after the two countries ran a pilot project when they co-hosted  the United Nations World Tourism Organisation 20th general assembly in August last year.

“At policy level we are done. We are just working on a few areas to ensure the process is smooth. As I speak we are talking to the World Bank and one of the issues is about funding the project,” said Mzembi said.

The agreement will also give the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) an opportunity to evaluate the feasibility of a common visa before the bloc heads of state meet in Victoria Falls in August to consider the issue, he said.



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    Good move….. be more open.

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Mzembi is talking to World bank abt financing uni-viza project, yet WB refused to talk to Chinamasa about Financing Zim asset. He is a many 4 sure unlike bob n patrick

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    They should just remove the borders if they are serious. You bet ZANU will never do that .These sudo- pan Africanist.
    We should advocate for the federation of Zambia, Zimbabwe , Malawi and Mozambique.
    You will then see an economic miracle unfold.
    A lot of reforms will take place and the political landscape will transform.
    The problems of food security, electricity, port and transportation, bargaining power,and a whooping market of 60 million people.
    Any takers.

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    Changamire Dombo 8 years ago

    @ROVER….That is the most ideal way forward if people were not power hungry.

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      roving ambassador. 8 years ago

      Thanks Dombo. I see great potential . I will keep mentioning it to gauge people’s thoughts. Being Bantu’s ,there is lots in common with our brother and sisters within this region. We should not just pay lip service to Pan Africanism.

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    every project you say you want funding,matanga vana walle kuda kudya mari dze world bank.