Zimbabwe government human and life handling still appalling and shocking

via Zimbabwe government human and life handling still appalling and shocking Zimbabwe Situation Facebook December 1, 2013  By Andrew M Manyevere

In November 2013 the government of Zimbabwe treated human protests as though Zanu is a one party state government and the only social services organ in the country despite that a ‘new’ constitution is now in place. Women of Zimbabwe Arise WOZA has remained a true social conscience voice of the masses in the country more so that she confesses no political agenda. On receipt of their press statement about how they were treated recently by the police while peacefully carrying a police permitted protest, the police act is revolting, unprovoked and baseless. It can only be unfair to social justice to leave this act not condemned. I was prompted, like many other Zimbabweans of good will and who love peace and democracy, to observe and raise an objection on dehumanizing events that are taking place or will take place in the country; regarding the treatment of people by a government who profess to having recently worn election by vast majority.

On receiving the communique of WOZA I was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that Zanu-Pf has more to hind from her phobia of people in groups. Zanu-pf has a past that is full of filthy politics with dirty callous killings of human beings that were carelessly carried at the instruction of government. Almost all its surrogate soldiers are trained to look at freedom as dirty, threatening and distasteful among those of dictatorship ranks. It is true that Zanu-PF has failed the people and let down the hard earned independence into ruin and disaster. I am encouraged that Woza continues fearlessly to articulate on nascent features of democracy and call for strict obedience of Zimbabweans to keep asking government to stay compliant or suggest another election soon.

That WOZA Protestants were peaceful, that the so-called government forces are proving to be poorly managed, ill-disciplined and ready like dogs out of leach, to attack and humiliate common sense; is evident of how dishonest the government managed the recent electoral processes in the country. If Zanu fears ordinary people who openly and without violence are petitioning for social justice, how do they treat people or election where people cannot see what is happening except through Zanu machinery?  Why do they panic and not follow Protestants guarding against any form of violence? Zanu-Pf government worries since, in particular, they know the dirty games they have played during each election in order to retain power by force. Their panic actions, are no doubt, based on a sense of guilty for what they have done wrong and are covering in case it comes before the people.

Zimbabweans need not rest to break on the social and mental hold on crimes against humanity perpetrated and being done through Zanu government. People have always triumphed. Zanu-Pf knows this full well and tries to buy time and break down hope. Zanu-Pf is failing, has failed before, to hold the country together legally, economically, socially and politically. That former president of South Africa, Mr. T Mbeki tries and paint a picture of former British Premier seeking after Mugabe militarily, is only a shameful exposition of cheap politics of poverty imagined and wished for by Africans. While 1960s held much of malign politics, there is, however, a paradigm change in world politics since 2000s. If the ordinary people had their way in Zimbabwe, it they had not been repeatedly brutalized, which Mbeki knows to have been done by Mugabe regime soldiers, Mugabe would have long gone without any violence. Zimbabweans have suffered trauma and pain. It is sheer hypocrisy on the part of any honesty South African to shy away from the open fact that Zimbabweans, to this day, are still crossing into South Africa. It is no more a question of economic refugee but that of suffering at the hands of a heinous dictator who knows no limits for his love of personal power.

We need no science to see failure at governance coming from Zanu-pf again. I personally approve Woza action and support the moves to make the world and Zimbabweans see the need to peacefully coexist in order to change status quo in the country. I am sincerely touched at the selfless commitment of Woza leadership in facing and being ready to meet punishment of injustice in order to influence us all to be justice seekers too. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora need correctly read these signs while internally all forces of peace need to collaborate and cooperate to engage Zanu evil ways and a malicious reputation of vengeful acts with strong world resistance that point us to the need for peace and safe measures on Zimbabweans of all stations in life. We have to admire such great leadership, its moral courage content of conviction and its undivided loyalty to the people and country. These women have done what many including Zanu-Pf itself could not do, namely, settle anything peacefully in times of peace.

We must be leaders who stand on truth and hold truth in reverence when facts present these truths openly before our watch than keep silent for fear these characters are being too strong for political contests.

I believe that if such leadership and dedication to cause existed in all streams, except in Zanu-pf, Zimbabwe would be very different today. I read the press with both forgiving sorrow on the part of surrogate soldiers who fear being jobless and therefore accept people brutality as a reward program from dictatorship. I also read WOZA statement with pathos as well as encouragement in that both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther persuasion for none violence dissolution weapon against dictatorial power mongers is drawing an honest phase on practice.  W0ZA, needs appreciating as the right long lasting educative weapon for an honest simple battle against violence in governance and control of politics in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe economy is already failing. Even the man who championed disaster economic policy, former governor has seen sense to jump off the boat. The crew of Zanu-Pf have lost direction let alone sense of good will and mission on whether to keep making personal aggrandizement on the country’s diamonds and every investment through loosely joint venture with their Chinese friends in pursuit of anti-Britain and America foreign policy based on poverty of underdevelopment. The whole concept of being anti-west when China herself works closely with both east and west shows lack of maturity and desperation on the part of Zanu. They have shown this desperation in the past, that when coffers were running dry they throw tantrums on evils of world leaders while ignoring their malice against their own people.

There was and is always a build-up squatter’s time in Zanu when votes are sought. People are deceived and take possession of land by fake ways and build up with consent of Zanu MPs and Councillors. This though is always followed by a destroy squatters policy every after an election. The issue is not on squatters but on why such a poor policy on dealing with people lives is allowed to survive and to thrive at the expense of life if this does not prove that Zanu is an anti-people government despite what they claim to be?

Zanu suffers from lacking in self-trusting and hence the economy is now responding to home deposits which every Zanu rich person does have in fear of change taking place in the country. The fear emanates from a threat that new government may strip them of their unaccounted wealth accumulation. When considering, as an example,  the way Chiyangwa, Chombo, Gono; to name but a few from Zanu, grew into billionaires over a space of less than ten years, any sensible, logical and honest accountant, let alone ordinary business person, senses a high handed manner in trade that is protected if not supported by government.

If we condemned colonial powers for allowing individuals to own excess when others had nothing, this is exactly what is happening while Mugabe praises his efforts as supper for black empowerment. It is not about black empowerment but about equitable distribution of wealth guarding that none excels at the expense of the rest. We have only thirty years of independence. Zanu government failed dismally to run the economy and we today have an American currency as an ‘official’ monetary system despite Mugabe talking too much against the west. Currently the country plan on changing currency from one to another as if this is where solution lies.

Anyone can see that what association such as Woza (home bred, based on local efforts) are doing, only help shade the understanding that corrupt and excessive corrupt government does not care for people, hence the economy will always be in a failure state. People welfare is an economic barometer for true economic well-being of a country. Consider, for example, the Malaysian economic balancing of growth and employment. There is negligible employment creation in Zimbabwe yet the individuals are getting excessively rich in a typical black market economic fashion.

*Andrew M Manyevere is a Zimbabwean Human Right Activist and Social Scientist in Alberta, Canada.