Zimbabwe government system needs complete overhaul

via Zimbabwe government system needs complete overhaul January 25, 2014 NewsDay

The mega-salaries and perks of chief executives and top management in quasi-governmental institutions are nothing other than the symptoms of a corrupt system.

These salaries do not just expose the greed purportedly inherent in the exposed individuals as some top officials would want us to believe, they show us a system of governance that is rotten to the core.

The fact that shocking salaries being exposed are found within parastatals shows that it is the national system of governance that has gone to the dogs. Parastatals are governed through Acts of Parliament and they fall under the purview of government ministries.

We should not be fooled into believing that what we are seeing is the exposure of greedy individuals whose subsequent punishment would deal a major blow to corruption.

This is not about the Cuthbert Dubes and the Happison Muchecheteres; this is about a whole system whose culture is hinged on corruption and patronage.

The Dubes and the Muchecheteres are small fry in a sea of corruption and they can be culled. But who is more culpable, the one who proposed the salaries or the one who approved them?

It is fact that in such a rotten system as the one obtaining in this country, crimes such as the misuse of public money are softened to look like technical offences that do not require severe punishment.

We only hear of equally soft actions such as suspensions and salary cuts, nothing about prosecutions. It is obvious that if action is taken to root out corruption, then the system would be utterly destroyed or rather, it would destroy itself.

The only satisfaction the suffering public and subordinates get out of such scenarios is the exposure of weak individuals in the chain who are used as buffer for the big fish.

The point we are making here is that the problem of corruption is fundamental and institutional.

The Dubes and the Muchecheteres only take advantage of a permissive and supportive system to corruptly misuse public funds by awarding themselves unreasonably large perks.

It is a shuddering thought to imagine what the big fish, who give the green light for such corrupt activities, are doing behind the scenes. These people, we can safely imagine, are making a killing for they control access to the nation’s natural resources such as diamonds, gold, land, etc.

It would be naïve to assume that while they facilitate corruption among their subordinates their moral compass points them to a clean life. It is a pity that we see instances where the politician is called in instead of the police to solve obvious criminal matters such as the misuse of public funds.
Politicians simply cover up by pretending to take “stern” action.

They can’t do anything else as they know fully well the boomerang effect of such actions as prosecuting the individuals who would have been exposed.

They cannot risk having the whole system exposed. It is our contention that as long as corruption is looked at in individual terms nothing will change. We need a complete overhaul of the system.



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    The only overhaul is to put all and every zanoid in jail with hard labour after confiscating their ill gotten wealth. Some will be tried for treason economic sabotage genocide crimes against humanity etc which is a law punishable by death. The land act actually also allows us to invade confiscate their urban mansions. Turn them into clinics orphanages homeless shelters etc. Yes a massive revolution is imminent

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    These kind gentlemen fought a war so that they could own the country. And own it they do. Everybody else is a lodger. They will do as they please and nobody will stop them.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Yes they fought a war to plunder and abuse nothing more and nothing less. The bobojans.

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    Chatunga 8 years ago

    I pray the almighty catapult these vampires to the kingdom of Lucifer

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    The only way we are going to do this is with proper free and fair elections and an accountable elections. never again should any Head of State be left in for more than two terms. Zim has been destroyed by greed and corruption. I say fire the lot

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    These chief executives give a certain percentage of these huge salaries to their respective ministers with probably a percentage for the president. This is a victeouse circle. Amagine a minister with 5 parastatals and each CEO giveshim $5 000.00/month. That will give the minister an extra $25 000.00 intern the minister will give Mugabe $10 000.00. That’s why a politician is called to look into the criminal issue and not the police.

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    Lindy Lou 8 years ago

    Only one person fit to be President of Zimbabwe is Tendai Biti.

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    The most efficient way to stop something from happening is not to gift anyone the chance to do that thing.

    The devil powered Political system of government generously allows mankind to work againest his fellow mankind.

    Using Politics, mankind can be corrupt and can be diabolically cruel. He can even kill his fellow mankind.

    So; why wholeheartedly invest in a system that; by the ‘grace’ of the false God, is guaranteed to work againest you?