Zimbabwe government to engage China in building school infrastructure

via Zimbabwe government to engage China in building school infrastructure October 26, 2013 by Veneranda Langa for Newsday

THE Zanu PF government says it plans to engage its all-weather Chinese friends to build infrastructure at several satellite schools located in the new resettlement areas where pupils are learning under makeshift buildings.

Education minister Lazarus Dokora told Senate on Thursday that he would leave for China in the next few weeks to pursue the deal. Dokora was responding to Mashonaland West Senator Mike Byton Musaka (Zanu PF), who wanted to know if there was going to be a systematic programme to provide decent infrastructure at schools in resettlement areas as some pupils were still conducting lessons in disused tobacco barns.

In 2011, NewsDay reported a case where a 14-year-old pupil at Munhondo Primary School in Darwendale was killed after a makeshift tobacco barn classroom they were using collapsed and left several of her classmates injured.

The school used the barn to accommodate all its 600 pupils from nearby farms.

“As a ministry we are at the moment looking for funding partners and stakeholders, and we will be launching a one-day conference on the single issue of infrastructural development for our school institutions and this will include resettlement areas, communal areas as well as high-density areas,” said Dokora.

“I am also looking at the external friends of this country and will be making a trip to China in the next few weeks to see whether we can develop sufficient bonding there that will eventually lead to an impact in infrastructure provision for our learners,” he said.



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    Fallenz 11 years ago

    Go ahead… sell your souls, and that of your children’s children. The Chinese are smart, and will have their due… which is Zimbabwe.

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    Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

    The dragon school structures come to town. Welcome to the Chinese culture, Zim turning into mini China in no time.Let’s be careful, the walls collapsing on our children, the substandard hands at work.

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    T plus 11 years ago

    as if there are no experienced building contractors in Zimbabwe! Nxa…

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    Jogo Bonita 11 years ago

    At this rate we shall have no dogs, cats, snakes let alone elephants left in the country.

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    armando mazive 11 years ago

    We are finished

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    zimcoruption 11 years ago

    My question is “Does Zimbabwe need China to build SCHOOLS”? IF i was Education minister i would rather let our fellow zimbabwebeans do the job, there by promoting indigenization and employment creation
    1. We have competant Civil and Structural Engineers (BCHOD, Chisipo, e.t.c
    2.We have S.M.E in Mbare (ku-Magaba) who can produce and supply building materials such as door frames, window frames, bricks, roofing timber..e.t.c
    3.We have indigenous construction companies such as Gateway, Citizen, Dohne, Masimba, Belmont Construction, Kuchi Builders e.t.c
    4. To finance the projects We have dimond money from Chiadzwa (I mean if they can sponsor football (The prominent Dimond Cup)i am sure they can do he same for our Education System.
    5.Tobacco farmers are also doing well since the suceessful Land Reform programe, so they might as well chip in with funds to develop their communities.
    Don’t you think so Honorable Dokora???? We are in 2013 AND NOT 1913 and I blieve this is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to start benefiting from the promises of the 31 July 2013 Land Slide Election Victory.
    If we can allow China, The East or The West to do everything for us, then we are still dependent and not Independent and neither are we sovereign.

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    Charles Chamunorwa 11 years ago

    I agree with Zimcoruption. We have enogh Quantity Surveyors eg Zunzanyika, Chitumba etc, Arhitects eg Mandishona, Sibanda, Mvududu etc. Where is the problem minister? Is this indigenization or something else?

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    chewa c 11 years ago

    Hon Dokora
    Do not forget the issue of the Tangwena people who are battling to build a secondary schoolwith your infrustracture policy or initiative. YOU KNOW THIS HON DOKORA

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    taipei 11 years ago

    To add on your contribution zimcorruption we are not at war at the moment and among our soilders we have builders too these guys can cheap in

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    MADOFO anemaDoctorates aya vakomana!? Inga nyika yaenda vedu wee? Ko isu tirichii chaizvo nhai ndiudzei? Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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    chaporonga 11 years ago

    Zanu inonyadzisa nekurwadzisa, why China always?!! We have more builders in Zimbabwe & we should stop importing unnecessary expenses, trouble, diseases etc. Why can’t that money for plane tickets be used to buy cement ,pay Zimbabweans to mould bricks, pay Zimbabweans to build the schools . This is a win ,win situation for all Zimbabweans!! What is wrong neZanu zveshuwa, kutadza kufunga here? Tichasvikepi , mvura haichanwika muHarare but, Strive Masiyiwa company iriko yekuGADZIRISA MVURA!! Zanu irkuda chioko muhomwe!! Mwari inindarwadziwa neZanu!! Tinzwireiwo tstsi Baba tibvisireiwo Zanu!! Vanhu veZanu cannot use evry common sense to solve ourcountry problems vanoda MaChina ‘.