Zimbabwe in the dark about Marange Chinese partnership

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zimbabwe in the dark about Marange Chinese partnership 23 March 2014

Zimbabwe could be in the dark about the goings on in a diamond mining partnership with China in Marange Diamond Fields following revelation that all documents were written in Chinese.

This was revealed by President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba in his weekly Nathaniel Manheru column.

“Another anecdote is appropriate, one nearer the bone. Not too long ago, I had a discussion with Minister Walter Chidhakwa, the young Minister of Mines. He gave me a dolorous tale on the goings-on in the mining sector, in its diamond sub-sector specifically,” Charamba wrote.

“Recently he went on a tour of the diamond fields, a fact-finding tour. He visited the first diamond company, the second, the third, all the time getting some coherent story, however suspicious.

“When it came to the fourth mine – a joint venture with the Chinese – he met the chief there: a man wearing my complexion, wielding a surname that is decidedly Zimbabwean.”

Charamba said Chidakwa asked the the man: “So, what is happening here”, asked the Minister, tall ears ready. “A hmm, a hmmm I don’t know, Cde Minister.”

“But you are our representative in the joint venture?” “Ahmmm, yes Minister, but the Chinese brought in their own people.” “Yes, they were minding their own interests, you were minding ours?” “Yes Sir, but all the papers on the mining activity are in Chinese”, added the Blackman, penitentially.

“Another laughter, but this time pregnant with nervousness, so full of shame and a shared sense of national mortification, national tragedy. That’s sample us,”Charamba said.


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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    Whose sounding surprised? Mugabe’s yellow friends are stealing Zimbabwe blind. Once more I must point out something. THE CHINESE DON’T LIKE AFRICANS! They are only in Africa to rape the continent and ZANU PF and their president, is handing it over to them. Unfortunately they are not the only African country doing this. Africa please wipe the sh-t out of your eyes and look at what is going on. Chase them back to their own country before your country becomes theirs, because this is their plan and African Leaders are bending over backwards to give it to them. It is mind boggling and makes no sense at all. For Gods sake get wise to this impending peril which will be unparralled in African History.

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    Don Cox 8 years ago

    Why did that mining manager not hire somebody who can read both Chinese and English, to translate for him ?

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Cox, true ,I know a lot of Zimbos who can speak Chinese. Its a cover up , they now want to blame fthis chap they imposed. No names are given. They are just tying to manage the crisis.
    Pillaring, treasonous malcontents.

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    Panda moyo 8 years ago

    I would be very ashamed to retell such a story seeing that these zimbabwean representatives are hired by “the most high” legislators.ordinary folks are not allowed to evn walk close to the fields .the army is supposedly guarding our interests under order i guess from the commander in chief………so how can any govt official not know anything.these people must stop writng for the ignorant.