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Zimbabwe Police Ban “Salarygate” Protest

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Zim Police Ban “Salarygate” Protest March 4, 2014

Zimbabwean police have banned a protest march organised by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) to demonstrate against the abuse and misuse of public resources by local authorities and some state-run institutions.

ZimRights had notified the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of its intention to stage a demonstration in central Harare to express its dissatisfaction with the manner in which public funds are being administered particularly by the Harare City Council and several state-run institutions such as the Premier Service Medical Aid Society.

Several state-run institutions and their leaders have been exposed for looting public funds and earning obscene salaries that are not commensurate with their contributions to the public institutions.

The human rights organisation had indicated that the protestors would serve a petition on Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo before calling off the demonstration.

But, the ZRP turned down the ZimRights notification arguing that the law enforcement agency was short of manpower to monitor the protestors.

“Please be advised that your notification letter has not been sanctioned due to the reason that our district have a hive of activities to attend to hence we have no enough manpower to cover the march,” reads part of the letter written  to ZimRights by Chief Superintendent Saunyama, the Officer Commanding Harare Central District.

Although Saunyama did not specify the hive of activities that the ZRP was attending to, speculation is rife that he meant that police officers were pre-occupied with mounting road blocks and providing security to visiting delegates who attended President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona’s wedding held in the capital Saturday and which was attended by several African leaders and businesspeople.



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    The Police know that they would also be targets of this demo because they are also corrupt. If people were marching in support of them they would send the whole force to protect the demonstrators.

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    Zombi 4 years

    Have the police supplied an alternative calendar which is in agreement with their “hectic” schedules? Can we be guaranteed safety in the country if the police cannot provide enough manpower to monitor a peaceful protest?

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    Fallenz 4 years

    Zim police = strong arm of ZANUPF bigwigs, middle wigs, and some little wigs

    Jack is absolutely correct… legitimate corruption and salarygate investigations would reach deep into police ranks. The police can not tolerate anyone trying to expose these crimes.

    A free press and a legitimate justice/judicial system is what Zim desperately needs, otherwise, beyond my lifetime the thugs will still be running Zim under Chinese control.

    The history books will name names and tell the whole story, tongues will cluck, people will shake their heads, and everyone will wonder why good men did nothing.

    The war was never about freedom for the people…

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    Rangarirai 4 years

    We have a warped constitution!!! Police should NEVER have the right to sanction peaceful demos. They should only be informed and it ends there, up to them if they want to send manpower or not. Turning the police into judges is stupid, period.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 4 years

    ZRP = the strong arm of oppression.
    Zanu PF = the beneficiary of oppression.
    Mugabe = the fountain of oppression.

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    ike 4 years

    Even if people ask for permission to have a peaceful march in support of what the government is doing. No permission would be granted. Reason: they don’t trust people at all. Anything peaceful will turn into a protest. Zimbabweans have been abused for time immemorial.

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    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    The Junta is law unto itself. We are just another Egypt. We really need to rally behind one patriot to render them irrelevant.

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    Nyoni 4 years

    The time is near for them all to pay . Better make Chikurubi bigger you police minister because all you bandits are going there one day soon.

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    The police will not allow such. what is only needed is to take the law into our own hands and go straight to the streets. Where do you guys think we going ? The Police is a small org than the masses. They can kill but just a few. They know that they will used by mugabe and his cronies for nothing they won’t just shoot remember they know the situation in the country very well

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    LUCY 4 years

    Anything that seeks to make life better for us all including these Police Officers who might I add are way down there with the toads and mapete on the food chain, they always thwart.

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    Reader 4 years

    Lets demonstrate for the police to have better wages and conditions bet they will allow all 12million of us to go to the demo and they will join us, then being devious we slip in the other letters of complaint.

    lets demo walking to the BLUE ROOF MANSION proclaiming loudly our gratitude then they would allow us and when we got there we could storm the walls and surprise them as we will be the majority.

    we must think like they think. HAHAHAHA thats so funny

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    shaudhai 4 years

    u no wat mr president evry thng wrng pple says mugabe could b it pot holes mugabe, no $ @ banks or GMB mugabe, zesa gone oo apa ndoworse so to clear yo name zviripachena with the help of specialist & the majority name them chase them movasungisa zanu yedu yosara yakachena we go forwad.remember indeginisation yakawira pasi it didnt work zvamaitarisira nesuwo now its zim assets vachaiporonga futi ivava baba.batai munhu .i get $80 per mnth thy get 230k same shops haiite vanhu ngavabatwe or else yo name.viva black impowerment viva president mugabe father africa. Vanhu pastreet mbava mujeri zanu kumberi.