Zimbabwe regrets Disney remarks

via Zimbabwe regrets Disney remarks TravelMole.com Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zimbabwe has denied reports that it will develop a Disney-style theme park at Victoria Falls.

But plans are under way for a large tourism development close to the Falls.

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi said during a WTO conference that he hoped to encourage some of the millions of people who visit the Animal Kingdom park in Disneyland to see the real thing in Zimbabwe instead.

Ross Kennedy, the CEO of Africa Albida Tourism, said the minister’s remarks were repeated in news outlets around the world, with many worrying that a theme park in the resort town would detract from the natural beauty of the Falls.

Kennedy said that Mzembi’s analogy was “careless in hindsight” and insisted that no one would see Mickey Mouse walking around Victoria Falls “any time soon”.

He did, however, say that plans to build a new development 24km away from Victoria Falls are in place.

As well as hotels, shopping malls and casinos, the site will “possibly” host a water-based theme park in fitting with its settings.

Mary-Anne Situma, of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, said the country is proud of the fact that Victoria Falls is a heritage park and would not risk losing the status it has been awarded with inappropriate development.



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    Zvapasipano 9 years ago

    Papas Walter. Dzikama

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    todii zvazvo 9 years ago

    This is madness, heritage site? have of late seen the extensive developments happening within the nat-parks and surrounding areas, what about the much talked urban resettlement just after the grid into vicfalls adjuscent to the airport, the electric fences bieng put up by private game owners, rather the massive privatisation of the nat-park areas, lets not forget the massive poaching .there wont be any hertage to talk about by the time zanu is through with its destructive policies!!! wait and see,rather we have already poisoned the hwange nat-park with cynide

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    the minister will recommend the way foward as he sees fit in line with the constitution of Zimbabwe. if this does not impinge our beautiful constitution which by the way was a contribution of all gpa parties, then who are u to say he has lost his mind? one way or anatha Africa is a developing continent and u cannot expect us not to reinvent ourselves for the betterment of our country. Vic falls is not some consortium’s backyard botanic garden but our nations pride. so they should keep theirs while we keep ours.

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    Zvichapera 9 years ago

    The bottom line is not 100 years will we see a Disneyland at Vic Falls, just sheer wishful thinking Finish Gogo. You can wish all you want, first why don’t you guys provide water to the people in Bulawayo before you hoodwink the people. The economy needs 165 Billion Rand to get going and your government has no idea where to raise it. Where are you people going to get 300 million dollars from, what a foolish statement from from the Minister, and you Finish Gogo must be related to Walter somehow.

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    It’s easier for ZANUPF to engage in silly, wishful thinking than address their corruption problems. Where is seed for all, not just ZANUPF bullies? Why not let NGOs distribute equally? Instead of idiotic recreation park planning, where are the electronic voter records? ZANUPF wanted to steal the election so bad, so why are they not doing something to improve the plight of hunger? Money and power for the bigwigs is all they care about… the rest of lard-for-brains ZANUPF get nothing except what they can steal.

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    Kikikiki. The tourists will continue go Zambia Livingston as long as zanu around

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    Gogo…ssshhhhh.dont you think he should channel that money into schools then maybe your spelling can improve