Zimbabwe sends first athlete to Winter Olympics; Luke Steyn

via Zimbabwe sends first athlete to Winter Olympics; Luke Steyn to compete in Sochi – Examiner.com by Jodi JillSochi January 15, 2014

Alpine skier Luke Steyn might look like one of the contestants when he hits the gates at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, but the moment he does history will be made. The skier is the first individual ever sent to a Winter Olympics by the country of Zimbabwe. According to NBC Sports on Monday, the man is ready to make history for his country.

The athlete was born in capital of Harare and ended up in Colorado at the University of Boulder before his journey to the Olympics. While the athlete has competed before, his latest endeavor to be at the Olympics has some people impressed to see more countries getting involved with the global games. Many of the bigger countries have groomed athletes, but a country like Zimbabwe has far fewer resources so Steyn’s dream means he made sacrifices to get the chance to compete.

The uniqueness of the athletes coming together for the games has fans exploring the back stories of the different athletes. While Luke Steyn is competing for Zimbabwe, he still has strong ties to America and Switzerland. Fans love to cheer on the underdogs, so expect to hear more about Luke Steyn and his dedication to the sport. And don’t be surprised to see him standing on the award podium as his desire to win has him going to Sochi to compete.



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    Malcolm Deetlefs 8 years ago

    This is wonderful news– good luck luke steyn.

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    well done, but I seriously doubt ‘Zimbabwe sent him’ they are lucky like the rest of diasporans that he still loves his homeland despite, racist meglomaniacal pigs running the country, maybe Mugabe will give him $200 like he did to Kirsty,good luck Luke…all non Znupf’s will be proud of you

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    moyokumusha 8 years ago

    ” ga, but he is not indigenous”, that rule is for the greedy only – not so. Good luck Luke, make Zimbabwe proud.

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    Aron Sibanda 8 years ago

    he is not a true zimbabwian ie indigenous!! what’s going on. Why can’t we send true people to these games?.

    • comment-avatar
      Mwanawevhu 8 years ago

      What do you mean by “true people “.You do sound like an idiot

    • comment-avatar
      malcolm deetlefs 8 years ago

      No Aron, i don’t know why we can’t send true Zimbabweans as you call them to the winter olympics. Maybe you can tell me? Also define a true Zimbabwean, if we really dig down I suppose they are the ” San” people.

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    Mumbai 8 years ago

    Mark long hurst you are right, Steyn worked his own way to these games. The headline is misleading – the article appeared some days ago & the Chimbabwe govt never put a penny in it.

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    What do you mean Zim did not send Steyn to Winter Olympics. Who took his registration papers to the International Olympic Committee which only deals with national olympic committees. Which country provided him with a chef de mission as required by the Olympic rules. Were America and Switzerland going to include him in their teams. Your time is up racists, you cant see anything good in an African-led African country.

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    how long shall my comment be moderated. is zim situation now afraid to publish the truth