Zimbabwe slides into deflation

via Zimbabwe slides into deflation | The Source  March 14, 2014

Zimbabwe’s annuallised inflation  for February eased to -0.49 percent from 0.41 percent in January, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) said on Friday, confirming that the country was in deflation.

Month on Month inflation rate in Feb was 0.05  percent, compared to 0.14 percent in Jan, Zimstat said.

Zimbabwe’s slide into deflation was expected as a result of shrinking economic activity, deepening the gloomy outlook and analysts say this would make recovery difficult.


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    umsomi olomyathi 8 years ago

    the likes of tendai biti shunned welshman when he said mdc must turn against morgan for he was power hungry dictator who would stick to power like mgodoyi.
    good selikubonile madoda, tsangisoni is going nowhere near.

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    Chessplayer 8 years ago

    Things fall apart. You cant rig the economy.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Prices are coming down. This is long overdue. We pay far too much for almost everything. Long may this trend continue. In the end the government will be force to reduce itself too.

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      Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

      Deflation will destroy the economy more certainly than inflation. The absence of money in the economy is the cause of deflation.

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    Amai Chido 8 years ago

    Anyone who thinks deflation is a good thing clearly has no idea the hard times that will be ahead. Deflation is much much worse than inflation in many many ways! Pipo are going to feel pain now MARK MY WORDS!

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    The message now is to not buy anything today that you don’t absolutely need because it will cost less tomorrow. Thus demand falls further, more jobs lost, more firms close,bills don’t get paid.

    What a mess Zimbabwe is in. You can’t rig the economy but Mugabe doesn’t know that though.

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    Senzachena 8 years ago

    Raw inputs go up, prices of goods come down, companies go bust as will the country. The end is fast approaching. The sooner the better

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Service charges and tax rates seem to go up!!!!

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    God is good! God is just! You rig elections, live on hatred, violently turn people and workers off their farms without any mercy or regard for anyone else, you flatten people houses, take businesses and equipment you never worked for: you brainwash the nations youth to do evil and hate; you plunder the national resources and consult witches and wizards; you rule with fear, arrest and jail innocent people, justify the wicked, destroy the justice system, speak lies, you take revenge; live on bitterness, you are puffed up and arrogant and your hands are stained with blood. You have destroyed your land and slain your people and then you wonder why the economy is imploding. God hates all of the above which is not an exhaustive list to be sure and the scripture teaches that it is God Himself who enables a nation to thrive and for us to make money. You have put evil for good and good for evil and bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter and do everything that is an anathema to a holy, just and loving God and then you expect our economy to thrive. We have a so called First Lady whose second name is greed who throws elderly people off their farm without a thought, destroys the livelihoods of hundreds of workers and then goes on to destroy just about the whole of Mazoe. And you wonder why Zimbabwe is on its knees. God’s judgment is falling: that’s why. The evil in ZPF and that that has filtered down into every asset and facet of Zimbabwe is killing us stone dead. It is called sin. And sin brings death. Where are the church leaders who will stand up and preach the true gospel for once?

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Living a lie will never help ,just to be clear rigging an election to destroy opposition parties ,was not the best way to come out the problems facing the country ,Because EU had promised to stop sanctions ,and zanu wanted to be in government alone after fooling the world on a stolen vote.TONGAI TIONE.