Zimbabwe targets 40 airlines by 2018 [!!]

via Zim targets 40 airlines by 2018 – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 14, 2014

ZIMBABWE plans to have 40 airlines flying into the country by 2018, nearly trebling the current figures, Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) general manager David Chawota said yesterday.

At the country’s aviation peak in the period 1999-2003, 34 airlines were flying into Zimbabwe.

The number dwindled as the economic crisis prevailing then did not make economic sense for airlines to continue flying into the country.
Currently 14 airlines are flying into Zimbabwe.

“We are saying if we could reach 34 [airlines] then, we can make it high. What we need to have is the necessary conditions for us to be able to accommodate other planes,” Chawota said.

Chawota said: “Capacity is there, it’s about efficiency.

“If Victoria Falls becomes an entry point for long haul, already that will give us capacity as a destination,” he said.

CAAZ is currently carrying out expansion works at Victoria Falls International Airport so that bigger planes are able to land. The cost of the expansion is $150 million and work would be completed next year.

Chawota said Zimbabwe would use next month’s Routes Africa Forum to lure more airlines.

Zimbabwe is hosting the 9th edition of the annual meetings of airlines, airports, aviation suppliers and tourism authorities from June 22 to 24 in Victoria Falls.

In an update to stakeholders on the preparations for the event, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development Munesu Munodawafa said government expects 400 delegates for the annual meeting. Last year’s meeting in Uganda attracted 330 delegates.

Notable airlines that have confirmed participation include American Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

Eight international airports have confirmed participation at next month’s event notable among them Birmingham, Munich, Frankfurt and Copenhagen.
Chawota said Zimbabwe has passed the final assessment test to host the event.

Since the inception of the multicurrency regime in 2009, Zimbabwe has been on a charm offensive to international airlines to fly into the country.

“We continue talking to airlines all over the world. We have got American Airlines, they are coming here so we will engage them to know their interest in Africa,” Chawota said.

A representative of EgyptAir noted that the push to lure more airlines should work alongside the expansion of Harare International Airport which only has three aerobridges. This, the representative said, had created problems in parking.

An aerobridge is an enclosed, movable connector which extends from an airport terminal gate to the plane, allowing passengers to board and disembark without going outside.

In response, Chawota said the original design of seven aerobridges would be pursued on the international terminal.

He said there are discussions underway with stakeholders for future expansion beyond the seven aerobridges.



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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Its the feel good news again. There is no money or will to develop the airport,just shut up.
    Zanu must go first for anything meaningful to happen.

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    I feel so sad that these ZANU PF goofs go to Malaysia, Singapore and even South Africa, witnessing state of art air travel, but still do not take back home ideas and visions of a better Zimbabwe.Cape Town International handles on average 10 fliths an hour, OR Tambo has the capacity to handle 15 per hour.Our national airliner has less than 5 planes operating.Are we going forward.The Airports authority has to make it clear that business is business,even the president can not be given airspace to the detriment of other airliners.If Zimbabwe see the president so big that he can stop all at the airport, then make Manyame airbase bigger and give all exclusive rights to bob.Airliners operate on international standards and safety regulations, and for an airbus to be stpped from landing because of the big chef has taken space is ridiculous.Soon after independence, there was a passenger plane from Harare to Masvingo, Harare to Gweru.We need aircraft engeneers to lead AirZim, not people who do not even know anything about the aircrafts.That much we can dream of having 40 flights at the Airports

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Tino good points sadly with no money not much will happen zanupf must go first

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    Ha ha ha ha dream on who is going to be on these 40 flights

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    Bunch of Voortreckers(front pullers) Wankers.

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Pathetic little man from a pathetic little authority (CAAZ). The only policy that will work is the only one they will not try. It is called unconditional “open sky’s”. Under such a policy air fares fall and passengers get a better deal. This type of customer driven approach is anathema to our ZANU management fools.

    Time to shut down Airzim forever too. Let the president fly economy class on a foreign airline like everybody else. This would be more than he is worth anyway,

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    iceman 9 years ago

    What are these people smoking

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    A lot of Hot Air by another bootlicker.

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    Maybe u the critic, by then u would have changed the goal post, saying ndakakuudza kuti Zimbabwe yakapenga. People who dont see the future will always pick an unpolished dimond vachidzoresa mombe kumafuro and another picks it and values it and see a brighter tommorrow, well after its polished and cut, it manifest its value, and the other madzora mombe wants to have a share claiming they saw it first. The best you can do is to play you part well by polishing your Zimbabwe, and one day you will see it shinning. Remember you are what you think and say. Stay Well.

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    Good morning Zim Good morning saints, and please live your best today.

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    Insider 9 years ago

    A dream, they wont be able to pay for the fuel unless there is massive political change. By 2018 unless change comes you wont have one airline flying in and the country will probably be a totaly failed state run by various war lords!

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    JOHNSON 9 years ago


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    Petal 9 years ago

    Dream Dream Dream Dream all David Chawota has to is Dream ON!

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 9 years ago

    and give people like Mr European Union FOURTH WORLD SERVICE!!