Zimbabweans at the cross roads

via Zimbabweans at the cross roads April 28, 2014 by Andrew M Manyevere

It is timely time that as Zimbabweans, both abroad and at home, we must think collective not individually about the fate of our country and resolve on the strategy to act democratically and remove oppressive, exploitative and corrupt inducing elements in our behavior that are encouraged through compliance to corruption wantonly growing prevalently in the country. Whether we like it or not, we can only prolong our suffering in individualism. While corruption grow in Zimbabwe is agonizingly painful, it should more exacting on those within the system to  extract from a system making a totality of one’s life, There appears to be no alternative offers as solution other than dying miserable under the York of Zanu misleading and abuse.  No opposition is stronger than the collective voice saying: No to oppression now, from all sectors of the economy, community and religion. This is not opposing the state, but objecting to the abuse by the machinery of those entrusted to run the state and doing it poorly. State is the vehicle we use to drive the country and buy change for the better as the only democratic way forward.

We have the power of ownership that we have never used because of duress methods employed on people by Zanu. Admittedly, Zanu is torturous and painfully so making it intimidating to talk of and about its abuse openly.  We have; however, to meet fire with water and not fire with fire and fire will die out. We have to summon courage to employ none violent methods to overcome oppressive acts. If none-violence methods are used strategically, with collective zeal, we are bound to deliver change without a doubt. As long, though, some of us are bought with money robbed from our economy, it will neither increase change possibilities nor improve the economy except to kill the economy. We can only succeed in creating pockets of good for nothing petite bourgeoisies controlled from abroad by rich individuals and some governments. Blame will always be on innocent citizens for the connivance to collaborate further with those who do not have love for Zimbabweans or the country under pretext of “Takangwa hondo” (we fought the liberation struggle). We need to look Zanu in the eyes and say: No! Zvakwana! And Sokwanele! As a collective, to avoid individual retribution we must have a voice to say ‘No’ and be head.

Zanu is creating pockets of small groups that are pausing as opposition yet they are paid from Zanu offices, sadly from funds syphoned through minerals of the country that are not accounted through the government fiscus. Zanu is neither the country nor the people. That we all stood to support efforts to remove colonial powers does not limit our choice on change of government simply because of that one fact. We need be progressive move our thought process and eyes from individuals and think progressively on competent leadership to take us to the next phase of Zimbabwe socio-political development. We need not be chained to events but to be drivers of change and authors of new chapters to our struggle and its successes and failure. Zanu has neither capacity nor ability to bring and deliver change other than circulate in corruption increasing people suffering through divide and rule tactics. It is sad to see reasoning blocked from love for money and self. The love for money has promoted of differences that further the individual objective to making money from the poor people.

Zanu has mortgaged the country, crucified the lives of Zimbabweans on slavery plate by contracting the country to other dominant countries so that individuals in Zimbabwe politics can attain great fortunes for personal gains. Africa has let down Africa under pretext of none interference. SADC is unreliable because of leadership scratch my back philosophies in promoting their avarice schemes in ruling for long periods without constitutional responsibility. The only way out is to use approaches where people have to be conscious of where we are and walk the talk of democracy to bring democratic change. It is within Zimbabweans’ prerogative of choice to make a conscious choice irrespective of the threatening fate from Zanu army and system.

Let us not entrench evil behaviour of Zanu corrupt institution that has no love for the country but its wealth creation methods for individuals through unaccountable corrupt ways using state as cover.  Look at pockets of fear everywhere in the country Zanu has deliberately devised to seed as a plan for cover up to all her failures from being exposed. Look at the contradictions of revelations of parastatals and none profit organizations who have been used to milk state from functioning by individuals in a plan that can only be termed a Zanu agreement. Look at how people cannot talk without surveillance. Look at the mercenary zeal from directionless youth as they beat people to suffocate tasted and proven experience in managing community affairs substituting them with failing Zanu system born on corruption.

The world is tired of trying to assist an economy with a bottomless budget that cannot meet its people needs except making few individuals rich and richer. We can count on our figures how many people have grown from being broke and nothing into millionaires simply by political corruption through working for the powers that be in Zanu as an extension of intelligence system.  Given peaceful moment where social justice prevails, names and amounts awarded by Zanu for its covet work is no secret to the silent masses in the country.  The failure of opposition politics is based on formation of politics driven from Zanu concepts hidden in different gowns that lack political sincerity. We have not either as research institutions or people come up with a waterproof method to castigate Zanu abuse of people and system. What is required now is research to expose evil in corruption and who are responsible. This is the job only the diaspora can do efficiently if some of us are not wooed in like flies to a bowl of milk.

Growing is required here or we waste away as scavengers to a system not designed by the act of liberation struggle in the   fields but in the corridors of corruption by corrupt individuals riding on the bandwagon of the liberation struggle. We are captives to a vicious crew of rich mongers who care little about the people, country and its progress. They have capitalized on history for far too long and bruised many of us as well as disable and kill many of our loved ones under our watch. They are conspiratorial, cohesive, and sharp to pick on clear thinking even in conversations on simple people transport. Dark eyed spectacled young bad record youths have been deplored to ransack homes in all corners of Zimbabwe to reinstall the liberation days brutality to silence masses from ever dreaming of change.

Political fatigue is inserting and much politics of survival is on the offer confusing more to the masses that are groping for a living. Can you believe it that people are dying of hunger in Zimbabwe as we talk? The aged are dying while trying to pick fruits in the jungles to survive. This is one of the big harvest of Zanu policies to nowhere from 1980. These unreported news are more crucial if we want to change society and leadership hypocrisy in Zimbabwe. Statistics of life lost due to negligence of a sitting government and the failure to respond by opposition need special noting when we address issues of capable leadership. Things like these while ignored as ordinary point us to the cruel nature leadership gap has created in out country and how permissive we have become in tolerating abuse.

We need honesty, courage and not courage to increase human carnage but to rid community of cruel leadership under guise of a fading liberation theme due to their incompetence to hold on to the virtues of good cause. If today we were to wake up Josson moyo, Josiah Tongogara, George Silundika, Herbert Chitepo, Leopold Takawira and many others considered insignificant, they will weep, moan and cry at the condition of Zimbabwe. The selfishness we have grown and become under encouragement of policies from an incompetent lot who have driven back the gains of the struggle in a self-enriching stance.


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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    The whole Zimbabwe situation is lacking any leadership , we see that from the countless episodes through the countries history it is ingrained in their minds to follow tribal and now patronage lines of control. Democracy is a myth in Zimbabwe with the ” top dog” mentality.

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      Yes, Mlimo. you are absolutely correct. As of yet I do not see a true leader for Zimbabwe. may the Lord raise him up!

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        Don Cox 9 years ago

        Probably most of the Zimbabweans who have any initiative or leadership skills have moved to other countries.

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    i know what u did 9 years ago

    You need to write better english and watch your spellings. A good article went to waste just because you tried to write english which you cannot speak

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      roving ambassador. 9 years ago

      It is a second lingo to most of us . Lots of good points raised. Getting someone to edit would solve the problems but thanks bruru.

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      Give the guy a break!! He did his best. Not all of us are good at English but I can clearly understand the message. So show a bit of respect will you.

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      Parangeta 9 years ago

      And you, ‘i know what you did’, need to watch
      your ‘capitals and lower case usage, plus you
      don’t seem to comsider punctuation at all!

      The ‘log in your eye before the splinter in your comrades’, what?

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    African 9 years ago

    a little help “pausing” or “posing”

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    Zimbabwe is not at cross roads, but at a round about and Mugabe has closed all roads from it.

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    Ngezi 9 years ago

    Zimbabweans you even read from your comments why Mugabe has taken advantage of us. Shame my people. This man has a point